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ESA mandantory reconsideration

Has anyone in the PBC community been through this process yet....If so I am desperate for any advice as my ESA has stopped and now i've been put in a postion to either declare myself 'fit for work' by signing up for Job seekers (defeats the reason for me appealing to be unfit for work???) or to go without during this reconsideration period......any help or advice would be really appriciated.

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I'm just starting a new claim with esa. Is what you going through at the moment after the first 13 weeks? I don't know much about esa yet but doesnt seem right having to claim jsa while waiting. Take care


Go here


they have masses of help and information for you

it is Not gov run

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Yes, I have been through it and now run a group on Facebook to try and help people with it. I understand the PBC Foundation offer help but I don't know what they offer. I see someone posted the Benefits and Work link, they are very good


I work with the unemployed and it is dreadful that you have to either sign for JSA or have no money whilst going through an appeal! Unfortunately everything is taking about 6 months at the moment to go through, ESA assessments, PIP applications and ESA appeals, so you have to figure out how you will manage if you do appeal. Tough decisions to have to make when you're really ill! So sorry you have to go through this. Good luck x

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