Another thread about ESA, sorry


Has anyone successfully claimed any benefits at all either PIP or ESA for having PBC?

I've looked at a few threads of people that are in the process but unsure of the outcome? Without getting too technical can anyone briefly tell me what's the best way to get round it please?

I currently work part time but struggling with the fatigue, also thrown in for good measure, I have coeliacs, RA and COPD.

Thanks in advance x

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  • Hi I claim ESA and PIP and got help with the forms from fightback4justice. They have a Facebook group and have lots of templates and can complete the forms on your behalf they are a charity and ask for a donation if your successful in your claims which most people are. Good luck with your claim

  • Thank you, I'll look in to it. 👍

  • I tried on my own and got nothing it's how you answer all the questions. Severe fatigue and joint pain and poor concentration was my main issues. I was full time then went partime. Was in my job 16 years loved it

  • I applied for ESA and only got contribution ESA I also claimed pip which I did myself with help from my partner and I got high rate care but no mobility as they said I could walk 50 metres an was able to mentaly function x

  • So definately worth a try, thank you for the info. x

  • Citizens advice helped me

  • I got PIP lower rate care and nothing for mobility, took me over a year and I had to go to a tribunal, was a bit stressful, but got help from disability north who were fab! I still work PT at the minute but going self employed as I can't manage much longer! Good luck xx

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