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Hello Everyone

Has anyone been through the ESA Assessment? At last I have mine on the 4th March and I am terrified I've heard so many horror stories. Any advice is welcome please I nearly cancelled my ESA benefit a few months ago. I saw citizens advice and was told I had a very weak case even though my doctor and Specialist have been very supportive.

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  • I have mine 24th Feb and dreading it too looking forward to any replies on this also please!!!

  • Good luck to you hope it goes ok.

    If possible let me know how it went. Take care X

  • Think of you worse day and say all your days are the same. I'm going to have to go through this in the future And i'm dreading the humiliation. i get a lot of bone pain in my heel, wrist and hip and know I could not work full time, i've started applying for part time jobs but I worry that I'll be unreliable. i also get episodes of terrible fatigue where i just have to sit for a week on the sofa. Good Luck.

  • Thankyou I'm so frightened I'll forget things and I'm not very good at talking about myself. I have alot of pain in my fingers, shoulders and left arm and sometimes my hips ache. I also suffer with depression and anxiety and the fatigue is the worst of all. Good luck to you too I wish this was over.

  • I am a carer for a lady who had hers a couple of weeks ago. I would advise if you have an OT, ask them to do you a report as they know what you can and cannot do. I attended with the lady as she has problems with memory and words. She has now been put in support group. Believe the report certainly helped and cost nothing.

  • Thankyou so much for your advice. Unfortunately I don't have an OT but my special said if I have to appeal to get back in touch with her. Take care.

  • Dear Sophie9, if you go on the Government Website, it tells you the questions that they will fire at you. If you are ready for them to can think carefully what your answers will be. At the end of the interview ask for a copy of the report that they are submitting on you. You will be amazed at how incorrect they are.

  • Thankyou for your great advice. I will check the website out. Have you been to an assessment yourself?

  • I have been through it twice, dont worry. They will try to intimidate you, but just clearly state your case. Get a copy of what they are sending of your assessment. It will be an interesting read. Seriously, go on the website it really is invaluable. People at DWP are just ticking boxes, you get more points for saying "discomfort" than saying you are in "pain". Daft. Let me know when you are going so I can keep fingers crossed for you!!! Dont worry, just do your homework xx

  • Thankyou for your advice. I'm so scared I'll mess it up. I am not very good with situations like this and I am easily intimidated. I will look on the website. Thanks again x

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