any advice please on waiting for backdated money from ESA

wondering if anyone has any advice for me please, i recently won my tribunal appeal for esa on november 9th since waiting from march , after phoning numerous times then faxing my own award letter they are still keep telling me the system hasnt been updated i originally appealed my decision in march having got zero points at the medical but recieved over 30 points at the tribunal dothey just try this excuse with everyone over and over again or is there any other number i can phone to try and speed things up? thankyou again.

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  • Hi did you get put in the support group? If so then you should hear in a few weeks now mine took about 3 weeks to come through,keep phoning being polite and hopefully you will get someone who will help failing that email your MP good luck

  • ive never heard of the support group? they just keep telling me the system hasnt been upated its so annoying but when i faxed my award form lastweek the lady called me back and said i would hear in 7days so i phoned today and once again they said someone would call me back before 1 tomorrow to let me know of anything , probably tell me its still not updated :/

  • ESA is divided into two groups work related group and support group in work related group they only pay sea for 365 days and then you go on to income based they also help to find you employment.the support group is for thosethat can no longer work and are paid weekly, keep phoning and asking be pleasant and nice at all times good luck

  • well up to now ive never even recieved a single letter from them :( im hoping when they phone me back by 1oclock tomorrow i will be a little further on if not im going to email the my mp im just no further forward and my benefit is due to be backdated from march as im still recieving the low amount as i agreed to that when i appealed hope that makes sense and thanks for the information :)

  • still waiting and getting tired of the same excuses day after day from every person ive spoken to now they are saying the computers are keep crashing while trying to do my claim i give up

  • Hi yer nicola Im also experiancing the same kind of problems but I will not give in. Today I am going to write to my local MP and see if they can apply some of their influence to my circumstaces. While this letter is in the post I am also going to attend the C A B service and get them to phone the ESA while I am present. I have done some research and have been told that this kind of non provocative action can be quite effective. Hope this advice is some use to you. DTEES.

  • I went to my trial on the 19th June and won,they've put me on the WRAG programme,Ive been told I could wait upto 8 weeks for the back pay,plus the pay to go up from £71.70 a week,the back pay goes back to the 21st May 2012,in which straight away THEY STOPPED MY BENEFIT,yes they are quick enough to do that,I appealed and waited until the said date and having to send Doctor's notes in,but what Ive read on this site,people have to wait,so it looks like I'll have to do the same :O

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