Wasp bite ?

I was bitten yesterday on my forearm, it has now swollen from my wrist to just above my elbow. It is extremely hot, itchy and sore. It is still swelling and is so hard to touch. Do you think that as a PBC'er my liver may be having more problems getting rid of the toxins? I don't have any breathing problems or fast Heart rate, but my arm is very very swollen and sore.. Any ideas? thanks x

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  • Hi I have developed angio-oedema since having PBC. This causing swellings to a variety of triggers, known and unknown. If it doesn't effect the throat/ breathing they suggest piriton to take the reaction down, it does work. Even if it's not angio-oedema I would think it's your immune system getting over zealous and piriton will still do the trick.

  • I do that with wasp bites too I take antihistamines.

  • I react very badly to mosquito bites and now I have PBC my consultant has told me not to take antihistamine anymore he said taking them would cause more problems.

  • I had a bee sting on the back of my knee when I was a child and my whole leg was hard and swollen, Dr gave me cream to rub on it and the swelling eventually went away. I was about 13 or 14 at the time, I did not have PBC then.

  • Its happening more often with wasp bites. INFECTION. get you doctors practice nurse to have a look to be on the safe side. I live in the country side and last Summer knew two people who had to get emergency anti biotics bcause of wasp bites, Anti histamines can sometimes have the opposite effect to what they are supposed to do

  • Well thanks for the help, yes wen tot GP this morning and it is infected and I have a temp' so antibiotics, steroid and antihistamine cream,,, very swollen hot and sore,, so feeling quite sorry for myself !

  • take anti-histamine tablet. you are just having a reaction to the wasp bite. i had one sting me when my daughter was a baby, she is now 34 and i reacted that way. i have only been diagnosed 4 years so i don't think it has anything to do with PBC

  • I was stung by a horsefly when I was in primary school and had a really bad reaction. Ever since then - I am now 54 - if I have an insect bite, knock or bruise myself the site starts to itch, gets red hot, swells up, spreads and goes as hard as a rock. Sometimes it has also caused my temperature to soar. It can take days to calm down to a comfortable state but I am always left with a scar that takes months to fade. Summertime can be a nightmare especially early morning and afternoons with all the gnats so I tend to cover up a lot. I have been given various different prescription creams over the years....none have really been that successful so now I just use any cooling Itch cream...like E45 Itch Cream it does help a little to take the heat out of it and stop the itch because once that happens it starts getting better. I went to the GP as a child and as an adult on numerous occasions and have had various blood tests and was basically told it is the way my body reacts. I was diagnosed with PBC at age 50 but wonder if that horsefly sting all those years ago was the start of my immune system being messed up...you never know!!!!

  • I've always reacted like that to wasp stings and mosquito bites, its the bodies way of coping with the poison. If you had an allergy to wasp sting you would know in minutes and go into anphalactic fit. I think it is your lymphatic system that gets rid of poison like this. Here in Spain and France they give you a antihistomine jab if its really bothering you as it can be very painful, swollen. I'm don't know if pbc effects this but if you lft's are OK then everything is flowing ok through your liver. Why don't you try an ice-pack to help relieve the swelling and pain.

  • Thank you all do the advice.it is now 3 days,I went to the Dr's as it was very swollen and sore. It is very slowly going down. The elbow is still swollen and the wrist and arm are sore, ice pack and antihistamine . Let's hope the rotten wasp suffered as much as I have :)

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