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Does anyone have a swollen abdomen/stomach. I am going to be 66 in November and have a tummy like a ready to give birth young thing. I only have a LFT every year around my birthday, am not on urso, but when asking Doc about swollen tum she said "You need to lose weight". If I thought it was FAT, I would expect it to be around face and other areas where it is not. Is this maybe the ' acitiies ' thing. Should the Dr know this or as reading on other posts do they know very little about the symptoms we could get or have got re PBC.

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  • I think you should get her to check this out properly. Have a look in the PBC handbook, as I'm sure fluid retention can be one of the features of PBC. It can also be an indicator for other conditions eg. to do with ovaries, while putting on weight is also typical of hypothyroidism, which occurs in many PBC sufferers. I don't mean to be alarmist, and it probably isn't any of these, but she shouldn't be dismissing you like this given your existing condition.

  • You should also ask your GP to be referred to a Hepatologist and you should be on Urso

  • Yes I have noticed the same and been told the same. It's important that they rule out ascites which is fluid in your abdominal cavity. Ask your consultant

  • Hello Pookie18.

    Although I'd not like to say with regards to how you are currently feeling due to the fact none of us are medical professionals, there are several explanations for constant bloated tummies.

    I have worked with a lot of retired people over the years, mainly ladies. One lady I worked with, she looked like she was about to give birth for quite some years but appeared healthy. She did have her gallbladder out she stated prior to this. She then went on to have a total hysterectomy a couple years ago but she still has a paunch.

    Another lady, she has a blown-up tum that has come over time. She has had needless health checks at the hospital as she was convinced she had something wrong with her stomach but nothing has been found. I know that women after the change are prone to putting on a bit of weight round the middle area (men seem to be that more prone).

    I think if you are still seeing the consultant at the hospital, I'd more than likely see if you can see him that bit sooner if it quite some time off. You are probably more than likely to get a better explanation than from your family doctor is that is who has said you need to lose weight.

    Meanwhile, have you tried altering your diet a bit. Soluble fibre (oats are good), plenty of fluids (mainly water. I find in colder months I can't drink cold liquids so I have boiled water that is warm) and seeing how you feel.

  • I would say see another GP! I wouldn't accept that answer at all. Firstly as the others have said you could have ascities due to progression of PBC. But also, because you have PBC it doesn't stop you having other non related illnesses. I work as a nurse in a gynaecology ward and all too often I hear that from patients who have been told exactly the same thing by their GP and it turns out to be on most cases a huge ovarian cyst or fibroids in the uterus. Good luck.

  • Hello Pookie18 I lost weight and looked good till two months ago I looked pregnant the liver consultant very pleased with the weight loss but says I have a hernia my waist measurement went up 4 cms even with weight loss I take USO have done for ten years now I'm 56 now. My bloods are taken every 3/6 months but this last year nearly monthly some times weekly as I've had so many infections. I don't feel I'll just get extremely tired and the bone pain gets you down, I was a nurse but had to retire five years ago I had a little part time job then for 2.5 years doing activities with the elderly . But due to ill health I retired. I try to go swimming daily was doing very well till November and health issues it's only occasionally now. My aim to get back to my daily swim. It lifts the mood.

  • I hope you have a good Dr. one doctor never even felt my daughters liver specialist was shocked other dr just went by lab reports. Be vigilant!

    When is the last time you had CAT scans or MRI of liver to see if your liver hepatic ducts are inflamed.

  • I can only talk from my own experience of acities which really led to my diagnosis. It wasn't just my tummy but I blew up like the jolly green giant and it was a constant cough that led me to A&E and the eventual diagnosis of PBC, the fluid had just backed up within my body and was drained twice and have since managed the situation with high dosage water tablets. My GP didn't recognise the signs so better you push to see a consultant.

  • Probably you should try some apple, pineapple juice and some kidney teas, which help your cells to get out the waters.

    I drink all these things, and it helps a lot and not only with tummy, but with heavy headaches and heart problems. With the gases: I began to add much of allspices to each vegan meal, soup etc. and it helps a lot (2-3 big spoons to 1,5 ltrs of soup) Be better :)

  • Thanks for that. I will certainly give it a go. The juices are lovely anyway, but what are kidney teas. I also have inappropriate sinus tachycardia. (Heart beating too fast)) so that could help that as well. I am seriously fed up with this swollen tum. Like I said it looks as if I'm ready to deliver. It is very hard and I can't see my feet. I look horrible!. Thanks for advise. I will have a go and keep you informed.

  • I get this too.. I've pbc and scleroderma.. I'm well below my average bmi so it's not a weight issue.. I feel it's a tolerance to certain foods... It's daily for me.. I can start the day with a relatively flat tummy and very quickly progress to having a pregnant belly... I'll ask next time at hepatplogist and tell you any major concerns etc..

  • Hello, I was just recently diagnosed with pbc. I am 65 and look like I am ready to give birth. I went from 120 Lbs and now weigh 165. Does anyone else have diarrhea and cramping? Saw my gastroenterologist yesterday and he said I did not have a ascites and that I had either IBS or colititis. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks for reading my whinny note.

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