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Does anyone sufer with a swollen face when they get up in the morning?

I have recently been waking up with a swollen face, I am on 1000mg of Uroso a day, my GP has told me to stop taking it for a week to see if it makes any differnce!

She is also very reluctant to give me anything for the severe itching I am having at the moment! Not sure what to do now, does anyone have any advice? x

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Go and see your specialist/consultant, who will know more than any GP. Normally you can ring their sectretary for an appoinment or ask GP, that will be difficult as he/she thinks she know's what she is doing? I have slightly swollen feet and eyes?? Have absolutley no idea why?

Lots of luck, tell us how you get on,,


my face often feels tight...eyes area same....but thats all thank god ...so far....


I had that when I was on a higher dose of steroids. Back to normal now. I was also very sick on an immune suppressant but that went after a couple of months too. Sometimes you just need to get used to a new med but sometimes you just never get to tolerate it. I guess your consultant will weigh up the benefits v the side affects and explain that and go from there. Wish you best of luck, hopefully you'll be able to continue on the Urso.


Thank you all so much, I took Lisacj advice and phoned the PBC nurse at Addenbrookes hospital, who I have to say was fantastic. I have to drop back to taking 500mg of Urso a day and the consultant wants to see me before my next appointment in december.


Thats a good responce ,well done you, it is such hard work to keep pursuing these things.

I hope the lower dose will be the answer.When you see the consultant you may get more help and answers too. :)


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