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Swollen ankles


I have has PBC for almost 12 years and in the last few months I have been suffering from swollen ankles I work in an office Monday to Friday and find that by home time my feet and ankles are very swollen. Any tips for reducing this as the swelling only goes down overnight?

I seem to be okay at the weekend but also suffer this when I am flying and wear support socks during any flights.

I am a couple of stone overweight but enjoy walking and seem fine when I am not confined to sitting down.



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Hi nonnies, I too suffer from swollen ankles feet also my wrists especially my left wrist, I don't know what is causing it I have been keeping my eye on it for a while now, ever since I came back from a cruise holiday in June my ankles/feet ballooned. If I find out the cause I will let you know.


I have swollen ankle and feet my don't go down at all


I know this sounds absolutely mad but it works after a long day especially after walking on hard surfaces such as shopping.

Lay on the bed in reverse with your bottom nearly at the pillow edge lift your feet above the headboard and place them on the wall. You may need to have a bend in the knee if you suffer with a bad back. This really helps against gravity if you can stay there for about 10 minutes I have always found it helps. I think it has something to do with helping the lymphatic system do its job better.

I do not often suffer with swollen ankles but after a (rare) day of shopping this can be a real restorative and helps reduce the swollen ankles.

This will only be an interim fix and you may need to chat with the GP for a long term solution.

best wishes


Talk to the PBC foundation - link at the top of this page. Or, go to see your GP.

When I had some high right side pains (last year) that we thought might be my liver acting up (it wasn't, all was fine) one of the first things my GP did was to check for swollen ankles & feet, and ask me if that had been happening. As I was rushed off for other tests I didn't get chance to ask about this, but he was taking it seriously, so I think it's wise to have it properly checked.


Ask your gp about compression stockings, My husband is having compression bandaging at the moment as his legs and feet were very swollen and this week when they changed them i was amazed as i have never seen his feet and ankles so thin. not sure if this would work for anyone but it's worth asking about it.

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Thanks everyone, I will have a chat with my GP but will also try putting my feet up and compression stockings.


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