Bleeding swollen gums

A couple of weeks ago my front crown became loose and my gum around it was very sore. I was also feeling a little sick with urso. I stopped taking my evening dose of urso for about 2 weeks and my gums cleared up. On monday thought i'd better start taking the evening dose of urso again. Low and behold, woke up this morning with a huge lump on my gum. I'm sure urso is causing me a problem. Does anyone else have problems with gums.

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  • No but I have other problems through the urso, for the past few days I have felt as though I am swimming in bile and a few other problems as well so i have cut mine out for a while, like you this has happened before and as soon as I start taking them again all problems return, I think I would rather do without it and take my chances.

  • I to have had gum problems over the past 5-6yrs prior to and since being diagnosed with PBC. My double teeth have become loose so much so that I'm sure I could have pulled them out myself. Eventually gum disease sets in and the tooth has to be extracted I now have no double teeth in my upper left jaw.

    My dentist says the reason is that the bone holding the teeth has greatly reduced. As usual not enough is known to place this at PBC door. I can't blame Urso but I dread loosing any more teeth. Good luck.x

  • I'm not hundred percent sure it is urso that is causing the problem it just seems a coincidence that when I stop taking it my gums improve? I will speak to the doc next week and ask his opion, but to be honest i might as well be asking my dog. I will let you know what he says. Helmary, i'm so sorry about your teeth. I bet you was devastated. I haven't lost any teeth yet since diagnosed, but lost plenty of hair. Lindaclark I know what you mean about just chucking the meds, because i feel the same way. I see my gastro next month after i have had a biopsy, i will discuss it with him and see what my chances are if i stop altogether. x

  • I have been taking Urso for about 2 years now, I stopped it altogether about 2 months ago, the first thing I noticed was how much better I felt, no fuzzy brain, no tummy upsets, and just feeling well, I'd forgotten what it was like, also, I noticed my hair getting very thin, even thats improving,I see my consultant in August,and we will see what he says, as you all know, they don't seem to hear what you are telling them.(well mine dosn't ) so wish me luck.

  • Bleeding gums can also be autoimmune driven - just to put a different perspective on it. It is something Ive suffered from for years, get yourself a good dentist and its regular trips to the hygenist if you want to keep your teeth Im afraid. Good luck.

  • I started getting problems with my gums prior to being diagnoised with PBC, my dentist could not understand why my gums were getting so bad as I had always looked after them, (proud to say I always got compliments on the appearence of my teeth), the gums got so bad I had to get several removed.

    My two front teeth were the first to go and I will never forget that day, the dentist was able to take both teeth out at the same time, this was due to them being so slack, after the front teeth were removed I was diagnoised with pbc and placed on urso. Once on urso my gums looked more healthly and the bleeding stopped, both my dentist and hygenist saw a big improvement, however the damage was done and in total I had to have 9 removed (all from the upper set) this happens over a few years, before the teeth were removed my dentist took impressions of my own teeth and my dentures were made identically to my own which meant no one noticed any difference. My dentist is aware of my medical issues and he feels pbc played a part in the tooth loss.

    For various reasons I stopped taking urso in September

  • Catherine I am like you and lost all my top teeth to uncontrolable gum disease. This was before my diagnosis. Now I am on URSO the situation is better but still involves regular visits to the hygenist.

    After my PBC diagnosis my dentist said he was pretty sure the loss of my teeth was down to an autoimmune condition.

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