Sudden red itchy swollen palms - very painful!

Help! Today my palms became red, swollen and crazy itchy in an all new way. My right wrist is swollen too and difficult to bend. Why is this happening now? My palms have become red and slightly itchy before but this is terrible! There is no way to distract myself from the pain (which is what I usually do), it is like my palms are burning.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? I have the occasional itchy period but never this painful before. Any advice appreciated!

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  • Have you tried filling a water bottle with very cold water and holding it on the worst itchy places?   

  • Thank you! I am doing that now. Cold things help but swelling won't go down. Going to the doct as soon as they open. My left knee is starting to turn red and it's warm, too. I wonder what this might be, it's painful. Thank you for answering!


  • Hi Jowen

    I have very hot palms sometimes but not what you are describing.  Perhaps a visit to the doctor would be a help.

    best wishes

  • Hi, talked to my gastro on the phone. He didn't know what to do. Said to start Pred again but to get someone to check the hands. Have a nearby surgery that opens at five. Taking my cold water bottle and going there now. This is so strange and painful! Managed to go to work but didn't get much done. Hands are getting bigger and bigger.

    Thanks for replying!


  • Not sure where in the world you are Jowen but for me I am in the UK and it is just 5 now.  I do hope someone manages to help you and give you some good advice.  It would be good to know how you get on when you are feeling up to it.

    best wishes

  • Hi, I am in Sweden and eventually I had to go to the A&E, the GP surgery didn't know what to do. Antihistamins and prednisolon is supposed to fix this. Somewhat better today. But docs didn't know what to think. None of them had ever heard or seen it before. Intrestingly, the red itchy patches are completely symmetrical. It is like palmarythmia only the hands are swollen and the knuckles are red. It is better today and that is what counts...

    Hope this was my first and last experience of this!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Glad to know there has been some improvement.  Have a good weekend.

    best wishes

  • Hi , this sometimes happens with my hands too , but suffer more with my feet !! They burn , swell and itch like crazy I put my feet in cold water it really does help , I do the same with my hands , I start with the water being tepid and build the coldness up , pat dry don't rub . Hope this helps .

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