Pain killers allowed with PBC

Good morning (or Afternoon depending on where you are)! Just kicking back on a federal holiday in the US, doing a little housework and dodging yet another snow storm. Just a quick question. I know this has been asked her before, but what pain meds are allowed with PBC? I haven't met with my GI doc yet, but I was told not to take Ibuprofen or Tylenol (I think you call it parcetmol or something). But I'm on my period and I have terrible cramps and back aches with this and also get headaches because of sinus issues. I am not taking these as freely as I may have once did, unless the pain is really bad.

What have your doctors said? I used to take this stuff like candy, but I know those days are over. Just checking to see what you have been told to do.

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  • Hi my specialist says to try to live a normal life as possible.because this damn pbc is slow to progress we will prob all encounter other ailments throughout our lives where medication is needed.get in touch with the pbc foundation in edinborough uk they have loads of info.they advise upto 4 paracetamol daily.indeed on them at mo with a nasty head cold .best wishes and hope the weather improves.

  • Greetings from the flooded UK! Hope you had a nice day off. My specialist said no ibuprofen and max of three paracetamol in a 24 hour period. I did end up taking ibuprofen for period pain once as it was so bad. I figured once was not going to kill me. I have pbc and aih. I also used to be pretty quick to take tablets to treat anything but now its only in desperation that I do. Strangely I dont seem to need them so much, maybe the joint pain and fatigue smother everything else!

  • Hi I've been prescribed various painkillers since I was diagnosed in 2011 as I have really bad bone pain ( another symptom of PBC). I can't take ibuprofen because they don't agree with me, nothing to do with PBC, however I have been prescribed paracetamol, up to 8 a day. Neither my GP or consultant have told me to avoid painkillers but I don't take them regularly anyway, only if I really need them. Hope this helps. :-) ps I'm in the UK

  • Hello NotorDJP.

    Take it from me that pre-PBC diagnose 2010 I rarely took painkillers so that obviously cannot have anything to do with getting PBC (not that is your question).

    From literature I've read paracetamol as we call it here in the UK is the one that will be recommended. I think the US equvalent is as you mentioned Tylenol.

    Ibuprofen is different, that is one of the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anit-inflammatories) and as far as I know that is one that is not recommended normally (as we know there are exceptions to the rules at times).

    Medications apparently tend to be tolerated in earlier PBC. I expect using a safe dose of paracetamol and not for days and days on end would probably be ok for you.

    The other solution is to contact your doctor or pharmacist as they are supposed to be the medications experts.

  • It`s paracetamol for me too, even with excruciating pain and pleading with my Consultant that was all I was allowed.

    Luckily had an op which got rid of the pain so feel for anyone suffering every day.

  • Tylenol is a no no. It causes liver damage.

    do not take any type of acetaminophen

  • Hi, I was also told by my consultant not to take Ibuprofen or anything equivavelent. I do have chronic pain due to nerve compression syndrome and they changed my meds around anyway. However, I have been told that up to 3 g of paracetamol/day is ok for the liver and I am in a more advanced stage already.

  • i am in stage 4 of this disease with full blown cirrhosis and my dr's advised me not to take anything that is a form of tylenol since it is filtered through the liver. I would refrain from taking tylenol until your dr advises you about it.

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