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Gallbladder removal even more fatigued

Had to be admitted to hospital last Monday as emergency. Never been so ill they removed my gallbladder on the Tuesday said it was badly infected and and all the gallstones had gone solid. Had keyhole surgery anybody else had this done ? Was just wondering if having PBC makes the recovery any longer ?

You don't realise how much you use your stomach muscles until you have had an op !getting in and out of a chair is a nightmare still a week on

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Hi Cowren i had my gall bladder removed on 9th Dec 2010 it took approx 3 weeks before i was fit enough to do the slightest chores. I am now back to how i was before having the op but have started having daytime sweats for some reason and am suffering from fatigue but not necessarily due to the op. Take care x


Thanks Trish w I feel a lot better knowing that in so inpatient!

Im just starting to eat nowbit trial and error thou !

You take care also Xx


Thanks so much for this question, cowren. LOL I'm due to have my gall bladder removed on the 21st!! -:) I was hoping that the removal would actually help with the fatigue a bit tho' not sure why I tho't it might. ?-:( PBC lapse. lol


Hi,i also had my gallbladder removed, 1gallstone stuck in neck of gallbladder, had key hole surgery. Was in alot of pain for 6wks after surgery, was unable to return to work for 10wks.


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