Removal of Gallbladder

On the 17 June I had my gallbladder removed key hole all went well till late afternoon and my wound started to bleed ,I was taken back to theatre from HDU at 11 pm second op I was opened up wash outs given my liver was bleeding it was very cirrosed , I was given 4 units of blood, back to HDU and one to one nursing , but I just got worse bleeding didn't stop I was taken back to theatre at 6 am on the 18 for third operation , I was given more blood ,blood products medication to stop bleeding , they put lines into my neck so they had 5 to give blood drugs etc. my family were informed I was very ill, I only remember before the 3 op I could not breath. I was moved up to intensive care ventilated my husband was unable to visit as disabled our daughter sat with me except when they worked with me, more blood given as hb was 35 instead of 135 . After 12 hours the ventilation was removed and I began to fight, I remember people talking and seeing bright lights ,my daughter saying don't die muma bear, I was then moved to a surgical ward as no HDU beds , but the night staff were wonderful they worked the five lines gave pain relieve ,antibiotics ,fluids I had 4 bags of platelets, but I have to say a big thank you to all the doctors nurses at Dumfries royal infirmary Scotland, thank you I'm glad to be alive. I've been told I don't need urso any more so that's 4 less pills daily, I got home 1 week after 3 operation I worked hard with the physio daily so happy glad to be home with my fur baby Ruby caviller King Charles and my husband, our daughter was fantastic she was so strong looked after me and dad . We have a great nhs .

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  • Hi Cat19

    Felt I had to respond even though I don't have a lot to say, just that we all need to be thankful at times and know there is always someone out there having a rough time. It's heartwarming to hear how you pulled through it and the love of your family shines out.

    Take care.

  • Hello as ratty

    Thank you that's how I feel there are always people worse off than our selves , I have had pbc for 12 years now also the years befor when the GP said all my bone pain was stress related. The love of my family and dear friends has been overwhelming I'm so lucky and the excellent nhs care I'm still here to say thank you, also to all the people who donate there wonderful blood, I'm just so happy to have survived it's a slow healing now but I will get there I'm a fighter. When I was diagnosed 12 years ago with pbc I realised its not the end of the world , other people are fighting cancer.

    Keep well x

  • Sorry that should have been scatty.

  • Sorry should have been scratty x

  • The NHS is great when we really need them. You have been through so much. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you feel better soon x

  • Hello Dianemle

    Yes we are so lucky to have the great care of the nhs.

    Thank you for your good wishes, I will do as I'm told and rest up to let the body recover, keep well x

  • Dianemle

    Thank you I am feeling so much better it's take three more admissions for the pain killers to be sorted but not the operation site the pbc bone and nerve pain, it's been horrendous , I. Going for a bone scan at the end to the month Dextra scan Hope you keep well x

  • My goodness. You really ha e been through the mill. Hopefully well on the road to recovery now. Our NHS really is wonderful. Take care x

  • Gioielli hello

    yes we are so lucky to have a wonderful NHS.

    The GP said the recovery will be slow but I did have three operations in 24 hrs, my body just needs time, thank you for your good wishes, you keep well x

  • Hi Gioielli

    Thank you as I said to Scratty I'm getting there just the pbc bone and nerve pain it's been horrendous . Hope you keeping well x

  • Keep well x

  • Jungle

    Hello and thank you x

  • Hi Junolee

    Thank you hope you are well x

  • Nice to hear good news of someone who has been ill wish you well for the future xx

  • Hello Susanburgess,

    Thank you this is a lovely site to get advice share our experiences, keep well x

  • So pleased to read you have come through all this and hope your recovery will be swift. Families are very important and you obviously have a very good one who are caring for you as you cared for them.

  • Oidra

    hello thank you for your good wishes, yes family are important my daughter and husband have been very supportive and my wonderful friends have all rallied round to take me to the doctors / nurse .

  • Hello Cat19.

    Good to read a positive posting on our NHS and so glad that it worked when you really needed it.

    Hope now that you can slowly start to recover from your major trauma and that you can get on with living your life to as full as you possibly can.

    Out of interest can I ask if you have PBC I thought we took urso for life once we were prescribed it. Just curious.

  • Hello Peridot

    Yes I have pbc was diagnosed 12 years ago, I too thought I would take the urso for life, but they say as I've had the gall bladder removed I don't need the urso, the complication was due to the pbc they said my liver was worse than they expected. The liver was very cirrosed. I've been told I will need 3 - 6 months to recover I'm so weak but I'm resting ,trying to eat a little of good food, but I feel so nauseated still, I do my excersises daily, can't wait to get back to swimming, my stitch line is very tender with 4 areas still very crusty and painfull, also two bis from the drains but I was told to use Bio oil it's good but I also use as long the dry iodine spray it's the ex nurse in me. I am so grateful to the excellent care I received by the nhs the doctors and nurses were wonderful, the domestic and axillary staff just keep the ward running smoothly , I just wish the government would pay them more. I go for my first check up on the 10 August. Peridot I also thought I was to take urso for life ? I might phone the foundation and see what they say, the liver specialist I saw for 12 years dismiss me before my operation and said as I had more gastric problems now I would go under a different consultant. Thank you for your good wishes, I am resting I'm still on a small dose of morphine, but hope to get back onto tramadol and paracetamol for the bone pain caused by the pbc.

  • Hi Cat,

    Im sorry to hear all you have been through. I just wanted to mention, please double check on taking urso. I had my gallbladder removed in 2010 and they said that was the start of my PBC! I wasn't diagnosed until 2014 and then given urso. So, I have no gallbladder and take urso.. Just wanted to let you know.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Donna01

    Thank you I thought it strange I will phone the PBC foundation and ask about the Urso, I felt it wasn't correct not to be taking it. Keep well x

  • What a fighter you are hope you keep improving and very brave to tell us all about it. All the best TB. X

  • Hello Teddybear

    Thank you I wanted to tell all of you we have the most wonderful nhs doctors and nurses we are so lucky. I nursed for over 30 years half NHS and the rest private, I didn't realise I was a fighter till this but I didn't feel ready to die, also our daughter was talking to me telling me to come back that she and dad needed me also my puppy Ruby was wanting her mummy, it was so scary when all the bits were put together but without all that blood and blood products doctors and nurses I would not be here. The cleaners axillary staff. All play an important role in the recovery .

    Thank you for your good wishes I feel stronger every day, keep well x

  • Hi, A heart rendering story with a happy ending.. Have a happy life and all the best..

  • Hello Brummi

    Thank you keep well x

  • Glad to know you came through that scary experience and are staying positive. You seem to have had good medical staff and family support which helps so much and keeping positive is so important. Well done and I hope you keep well. Take care

  • Hello Sheilaro

    Thank you I had the best medical care , my daughter took two weeks off work to look after dad and me, my friends have all rallied round and now our daughter back at work the friend help where ever needed.i lost a very dear friend to cancer last July ,she gave me so much courage, there is always people worse off than us with pbc, we must remain positive and fight, thanks for your good wishes keep well x

  • Dear cat19

    So pleased to hear you are recovering with your lovely family supporting you. I think you are very brave and positive. God bless. Diane

  • Hello. Liver-Bird

    Thank you for your good wishes, I'm so lucky to be alive I have a wonderful Husband and Daughter, my friend have all railed round giving lifts to appointments. Still got another 5 weeks for no driving, but I'm still not ready as on morphine, you take care x

  • How wonderful you pulled through all of that trauma, thank goodness for our wonderful NHS, best wishes to you. Sending hugs xx

  • Hello Dinny

    Thank you for the good wishes and the hug, yes we are so lucky to have wonderful NHS medical staff, I also found the axcillary staff and Domestic kept the wards happy they all work so hard, and keep patients happy, our new hospital is going to be ingle rooms that will be depressing, I was in the four bedded ward was a happy place , take care keep well x

  • Have had a bad spell for a while and your story really cheered me up and made me feel stronger and wanting to battle on.

    It was so wonderful to hear of how well the NHS team worked to help you, that is what we all need to hear. Life on the news is all about criticism of the health service which must be so depressing for those who work in it.

    Thanks so much for telling your tale and all the very best for your full recovery! C xx

  • Hello Cuttysark

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell. I was treated so well by the whole medical was scary stuff when I was told what happened to me but I fought so hard and followed all instructions, glad my story helps you, thanks for the get well wishes, take care keep well xx

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