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Daily b12 injections

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Hi all..Iv posted a while back on b12... I have a family history of pernicious anaemia and Multiple sclerosis....both have very similar symptoms and demyelination.. I was diagnosed with MS NOv 2014, after many many years of symptoms.... down through the years I was given cobalamin tablets, or iron tablets for a month and never followed up... so my thinking at the time of the MS diagnosis, Iv waiting long enough.... so gathered information from this page and the brilliant people on it... sourced b12 from Germany... started on folic acid, Vit D and a good daily food source of potassium... did the loading doses then commenced on weekly injections.. eureka I could think straight, get out of bed, sleep pattern improved, choking, tinnitus, breathing ect ect all improved.. I know I have far too much neurological damage done and will never be bouncing about like a young thing.. (am 57y) ... my question is...could I change the b12 from weekly to daily.. if so would there be any problems with daily b12... I know my levels would be sky high ...but could this be continued long term... thanks in advance

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I am not a medical professional. Based on how quickly my symptoms worsen, I have chosen to inject daily. Right now I divide my daily dose (1000mcg) in half and inject 500mcg in the morning and 500mcg in the mid afternoon since fatigue is overwhelming for me and I am trying to keep as near constant a level in my system as possible. Hoping to be able to drop down to fewer injections but have only been treating for about 2 months now and have a lot of neuro damage. GP approved at least every other day injections for me without any concern, I have taken it upon myself to use it daily.

Thanks Elliemaynot splitting injection into 2... sounds a good idea... thanks

No need to worry about overdosing . Read the report under the pinned posts - Top right -“Stichting B12 Tekort” .

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Thanks..I actually think Iv read this be4...but that MS ...B12 D brain ...well what can I say...

I am a PA sufferer who has only belatedly come to appreciate that autoimmune gastritis - which is responsible for destroying your capacity to absorb (and also re-absorb) B12 - has other consequences, too. In a blood test (years after PA diagnosis), I noticed that my blood stats were all at the low end of their respective 'normal' ranges, (except for mean corpuscular volume!). I now understand - thanks to members of this site - that digestion and absorption of nutrients and vitamins is impaired by the gastritis. This accounts for several issues for me.

My haemoglobin, ferritin and hematocrit, for example, were very much south of healthy levels. I have since been taking an iron supplement to improve the situation. It may be that your own iron absorption has been inadequate, too - perhaps accounting for your tiredness.

Rather than work in the dark, you could ask you GP for a full blood count, and including serum iron, ferritin, zinc and vitamin D (others on this site may suggest addition ones). If your haemoglobin-related results lie at the low end of the scale, you might ask your GP to suggest an appropriate dosage rate to improve your haemoglobin and ferritin levels. Happily, iron supplementation seems to be helping with my own tiredness.

(Note: Pharmacies can be unhappy to sell the stronger iron tablets without you having had advice.)

Just a thought.

Best wishes

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Thanks.. I was buying and taking my own iron, folic acid, vitD and b12 injections .. don’t go near DRs unless some idiot phones an ambulance for me ...lol

Winging it on my own.

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