Severe Vitamin B12 and D deficiency

Hi, last 1 month back I got severe neck stiffness for which i went to see a doctor. CBC checked, Lymphocytes sligthly high at 52 all other things fine. Further few days after my GP advised to check my B12, D and Thyroid. Thyroid was normal, but B12 was very low at 30 only and D as low as 4.5 with severe deficiency on both. I started to take shots of B12 of 1000 mcg for 10 days daily then after 1000mcg weekly. Ran on 50000IU on D3 for 10 days daily and then 50000IU for weekly. I had improved in a month time. But when i changed to routine to weekly from daily. I started to have back pain. It is a kind of hefty feeling, i also have day time laziness and evening time fatigue. I am a vegan since my birth, i am surprised how i cope up with. I am also taking calcium tablets too on my GP's advice. how much time does it need to improve or shall i take side by side oral tablets of lower mcg as well?

Your suggestions will be helpful please.

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  • Hi ALPHAS please get your FOLATE level checked as this needs to be healthy now that you have started the B12 injections. Having said that, you probably eat plenty of vegetables containg folate but best to be sure.

    No two people are the same and the time taken for "recovery" can largely depend on how long you have had the deficiency. You don't state your age but as you've been "a vegan since my birth," you may well have been deficient for much of your life.

    I wish you well

  • Hi Clivealive, I am 32 now and i guess same as you that i might have been deficient from years but i didnt get any symptoms as my body had managed somehow. I will surely have my folate level checked as well. Do i need to check my Ferritin levl as well?

  • I'd be surprised if your iron level was not checked in your last blood test, but you could ask.

    If you remain a vegan the B12 injections will probably be for life as it can only be sourced naturally from meats, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products although some cereal products are being fortified with it as too with folic acid.

    I hope you start to feel improvement of your symptoms soon.

  • There are vegan B12 supplements so if the problem isn't absorption but dietary then it can be corrected using tablets.

    However, even being vegan doesn't rule out an absorption problem

  • You say your Thyroid was normal - well that is an opinion and NOT a result. What did you actually have tested and what were the results and ranges ?? Low Thyroid goes hand in hand with Low B12 and Low everything ..... Your TSH needs to be around 2 - the FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of the range. Anti-TPO and Anti-TG - were they tested ? If not then the TSH test is not going to tell you much - it is a Pituitary hormone.

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