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Your pernicious anemia treatment. B12 deffeincy treatment?

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My supplements each day.

Right to left.

1000 mg Omega 3 fish oil, 3 caps a day.

Calcium 1000mg and 500mg magnesium.

Sentry multi vitamin, loads of stuff, 1 a day.

Postassium 99mg, iodine 225mcg, 1 a day.

Methyl folate 1000mcg, 1 a day.

Vitamin d3 10.000 units during winter, 5.000 spring and summer.

Methyl b12 lozenges 5000mcg.

CBD OIL 5%, royal queen seeds. (calms me down). 6/8 drops three times a day.

Injection every three days methylcobal 500umg, 3ml syringe. EISAI TOKYO Japan brand.


24Gx1,5 inch to abstract the fluid from the glass ampules.

25gx1 inch for injecting it in the upper leg muscle/thy injection.


Allot of fruit, yoghurt, vegetables and meat protein. Mainly balance the carbohydrates out till 150 gram a day.


Cardio three times a week and core two times a week around 2 hours a time. Increase healing and stamina with blood flow. Makes for better nerve healing.


Three times a week, stretching and being flexible makes the nerves have better signalling from the spine to the limbs. Also good for blood flow and flexibility, which increases chances of healing.

Good sleep hygiene, take seroquel though to battle the insomnia and depression. Same time in bed and out everyday, also keep room cool, dark, quiet and comfortable. Don't eat and drink three hours before bedtime, don't exercise 6/4 hours before bedtime.

No screens 1 hour before bedtime, blue lights, TV, LAPTOPS AND SMARTPHONES. I read a book instead.

What is your treatment and discipline looking like. Any tips and advice or comparison most welcome.

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looks Like you’ve got it covered nicely ! . I take folic acid 5mg, Thorne multi b vitamin, vitamin D3, methyl lozenges 1000mg daily , hydroxo injections monthly . garlic, horseradish and marshmallow multivitamin. Excercise hasn’t been on my radar for a while I had to work on my diet first , seems I was eating too many foods with hidden sugars which were causing havoc in my joints and I didn’t realise the importance of meat chicken and fish for PA. So I’m thinking starting slowly with walking and maybe resistance training , or light weights as well to build up a bit of muscle loss I had from being sedentary for so long. Diet has been the game changer for me, I feel thirty years younger now I’ve gotten a handle on it and taken out the processed foods. I now eat two meals per day consisting of a small serve of meat and lots of vegetables and breakfast is usual a veggie soup or if I’m in a rush a veggie smoothie. I’ve started making bone broth which has been a life changer. My diet now resembles a hybrid of The Whall’s protocol and the low carb healthy fat diet , I can’t eat much fruit cause it sets off joint pain , so only have one serve per day. I’ve just realised I need to get into the excercise thing soon and that will probably help with my bad sleeping pattens , I seem to only be able to sleep 4-5 hours at a time , I think it’s because I now have so much more energy that I really need to be burning it off.. I dont have a problem falling asleep, just staying asleep ..

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I sleep 5 hours if my body wasn't made tired enough. I'm finding the right exercise regime to fatigue myself during the day, it should be 40 minutes till one hour heavy core duty. Something I haven't managed to do, I do allot more cardio. The core training should be much more draining for your nervous system and therefore make you more sleepy.

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