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Just finished Loading dose of 6 injections over two weeks

and told by GP that can have 1 injection every 3 months although

i provided the BNF info which has clearly not been read which i posted for the GP to read in advance to my appointment as i have a few B12 symptoms

GP talked about overdosing on B12

i did explain i heard this is not possible so i will return to see another GP

the only thing i noticed as a small side affect was a headache on the evening of first loading dose injection and spots on my back and few on face which i am sure was related to injections.

I will raise my concerns that

i should be taken seriously with another GP .The original GP suggested An Intrinsic Factor test in 3 months time and ferritin and folate

which would of been better before my loading dose! And i am taking folic acid 600mg a day .Also should i wait to take the sublingual methyl 1000mg tablets

from now on while waiting for tests in

3 months time?

until the GP resolves my situation.

great to get some clarity please.

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Keep a diary of your symptoms. It may be that you are one of those rare creatures that manages on 3 monthly. See how far you get before symptoms start coming back ... and that is probably the point at which to go back

And just in case suggest that read this blog and consider joining the PAS


Hi gambit62

thanks for the reply

and the blog is interesting

too that you provided.And good to see others getting the help needed .

Thanks for the support

you have made good points which may be true

as my symptoms are just a few which i think must throw the GP.

Would it be a good idea to start taking Sublingual now

(Methylcobalim 1000mg)

or should i hold back until

the Intrinsic Factor test in December and the Folate

and ferritin blood test as im taking folic at this time.

thanks for all your time

appreciated too.


there are a lot of options for supplementation.

Given that you have had loading doses and presumption is that there is an absorption problem it's really up to you about supplementation - if you have a functional B12 deficiency it is already going to have been kicked off by the loading doses so you are now into keeping levels high enough for you.

Methyl does work for some but doesn't work for others

Sublinguals work for some but not for others

All you can really do is try.

In order of efficiency of delivering B12 the methods of delivery are: injection, nasal spray, sublingual sprays and tablets, skin patches

Different types of B12 to try are cyano, hydroxo, methyl, adenosyl.

Personally I'd suggest going for hydroxo or possibly cyano but really it is about working out what works for you.


its only injections that are covered by prescription only regulations as rest are classified as vitamin supplements.

injections are classified as prescription only just by virtue of the fact that they are injections


Thats interesting facts about the order of efficiency for B12 routes to follow.i can look into sublingual sprays.

So no problem if i were taking the Methy tabs before the IF test ?

And dont need to stop folic as it will not interfere with folate and ferritin test?

Thank you for your support which is really appreciated in helping to move forward .

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believe the pinned posts give guidance on periods to refrain from supplementing before testing - including IFA.

B12 is a vitamin that the body can normally store - folate isn't so probably less of an issue but ideally you should let your GP know what you are supplementing.


Thanks Gambit62 for providing the information you are great asset to the Forum and a great help to all thank so you so much

Good luck.


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