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Where to dispose of sharps bin?


I have successfully completed my first B12 self injection, and was just wondering what happens when my sharps bin is full. I know my local council will collect sharps, but the service is available only if you get your gp surgery to arrange it. I am a bit reluctant to even tell my gp that I am self injecting B12, because they were so insistent that I didn't need it. I want to avoid a situation where they refuse to treat me for other things because Im self medicating for the B12 deficiency. Are there any other options to dispose of the sharps bin?

I live in Liverpool, BTW.

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I dont know about your area , but I take my fill sharps bin to my local chemist who dispose of it free of charge .i rang them beforehand to find out . Absolutely fine , no embarrassment at all .

Congratulations on doing your own jabs! Hopefully this will help you to get your life back. Don't forget the supporting supplements that are needed to make them work properly - a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron.

If your chemist won't take them I have discovered that the out patients department at a hospital usually will. I take one in periodically for a friend and if I go in with it and hang around looking lost its not long before a nurse comes up and says "do you want a new one?" and its as easy as that.

My local surgery stopped supplying my jabs "once I didn't need them anymore because I was well again" but the nurses there still swap my sharps bins without question.

I understand that you are worried about it but suggest that you give it some time and if you get better with the jabs go back and show them your improvement and speak to them about it as it would be good to have it on your records in case you end up in hospital.

If all else fails and you can afford to pay for disposal then most vets will take them and so will pest control and environmental health companies.

In Liverpool I expect you have a drug support service and they might be helpful too.

Cherj in reply to deniseinmilden

Thanks for the advice! What broad spectrum multivitamin would you recommend? I am currently taking folic acid, selenium, magnesium, vit D +k2 and also am on Levothyroxine for my hypo.

deniseinmilden in reply to Cherj

I've done a sort of "Top Trumps" with lots of them and to be honest the supermarket A-Z ones are pretty comprehensive and as good as any. I buy the Tesco's ones but they are all similar and in many cases better than the more expensive ones.

Perfect as far as the rest goes and just be mindful of potassium. I suggest that you Google this to find out what the symptoms of deficiency and excess are and what foods you like that are a good source of it. If you get lots of deficiency symptoms then you can try using a little LoSalt.

silverfox7 in reply to Cherj

Often multi vitamins don't have enough it to make much of a difference or also contain iron. If contain iron then that stops absorption of anything else. So read labels of contents carefully. If you search for SeasideSusie's posts she has excellent into on supplements, what the optimum levels are and how to achieve it.

You might phone your local council waste department. They may well (like mine) have a free collection service for medical waste.

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