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Sharps boxes, how do you dispose of them?

How do you dispose of your sharps boxes?

I am self-injecting and haven't told my GP yet (and not sure I will) so what options are there for disposal?

Will local chemists collect them or will they ask questions? I am happy to pay a small fee if I had to but just wondered how other people handle this?

I'm based in the UK.

Also, can you buy them from pharmacies or is it easy to just go to Amamazon.


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Whoops - Amazon ;)


I haven't actually tried getting rid of a sharps box yet - just at the point of needing to do so but I'm using a 2.5l bucket so feel it might be a bit cheeky to ask chemist but that's probably where I will start.

I had anti-coag injections I needed to do a couple of years ago and there were no problems getting chemist to dispose of them but that was somewhat smaller.

The other thing you can do is contact your local council - whichever one it is that is responsible for refuse collection as they usually do some sort of collections for things like sharps eg for people who are being treated at home etc.

I buy my needles from medisave.


Try your local council they often do pick up used and drop of new service, some chemists do a service to and there is always substance misuse units which provide needles, syringes and boxes x


I have always used the Community Drugs Yeam (CDT) for disposal of yellow box. They will give me another and all my syringes and wipes. I've never had to purchase anything.

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I spoke to my GP. They will dispose of my sharps box free of charge for me and issue me with a new on at the same time. I bought my fist sharps box from Medisave when I bought my swabs and syringes. Hope this helps


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