What do you put in the sharps bin?

So this may be an odd question, but if you have a sharps bin w a needle remover are you meant to put the whole thing (needle + plunger etc) in the box or do you just slip off the needle and dispose of the syringe some other way?

The latter makes much more sense as the syringe can't hurt you once the needle is secured in the box, but I guess the rest is still technically medical waste - ?

It would take me years to fill a bin if all I put in there were the actual sharps and not the rest of the plastic gubbins. Equally I would hate for someone to see the plastic syringe (minus needle) in the rubbish and assume I had no regard for safe disposal of sharps.

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  • Just the needle. The syringe can go into the bin once the needle has been removed.

  • Needles and ampuoles

  • oh and anything with bloody on it like alcohol wipes.

  • Ampoules, needles and syringes.

  • I have a small sharps bin so only put "the sharps" in it the rest I put in the normal bin......

  • Smashing, thanks folks. I had so much trouble getting rid of my bin I might go for sharps only.

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