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I have told my family I intend to self administer as my doctor will only give monthly as she is afraid to give me too much. I had already purchased everything before my last appointment & so desperately want to feel better. They are horrified and think I'm going to do some harm to myself. Lectured about how I will end up with abscesses etc and also sharps and where would I dispose of my sharps box. Can I ask my pharmacist or arrange with my local council ? What do you all do in the UK ??

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  • I phoned a local chemist and the first one I spoke to told me to bring the sharps box in - no problem

  • Ask your family if they think that all diabetics are wandering about with dripping sores from their self-injection!

    Sharps disposal varies by location. If you pop in to your pharmacist they should be able to tell you. I bought my first one from Amazon. Then I found out that my local council will pick up the full one and replace it with an empty.

  • thank you @fbirder...they only have my best interests at heart, of that I am sure but they also refuse to read up on this and think I am obsessed. I feel more resolute after hearing your reply. The diabetic line was tried by me but the answer was "but you're not diabetic !" I will just let the subject drop with them now, just terrified I do the injections wrong. # scared but determined.

  • I was very dubious about self injecting but as my GP hadn't been at all helpful (more or less telling me it was all in my head) I went ahead and got my needles and sharps bin from one of the local chemists which participates in the Needle Exchange. I've never looked back - go in, hand over full sharps bin and pick up another one and a new crop of needles.

  •, that sounds great. I will search for a chemist who does this. I don't want to let my doctor know at this time.she is trying to be helpful but still only going to give me once a month for a few months but not 2xweekly for neuro symptoms. How did you manage with your first self injections ?

  • I watched Youtube videos multiple times, had a panic, watched them again and then went and got the supplies! The first time I sat on the sofa with the needle poised, hands shaking, for what seemed like hours but probably was only a couple of minutes, shut my eyes and then stabbed myself and was surprised that it didn't hurt. After that I've not really looked back :)

  • I've got all the paraphernalia, just need to find the courage lol x

  • I did my first one (SC) about 2 weeks ago, told myself that I would do it on the Sunday (vials arrived later on the Friday). Saturday evening I took myself into the bathroom, without saying anything to OH) intending to have a familiarisation session with the needles and syringes as I have arthritis in my hands, all seemed to go well so I drew up into the syringe, fetched a cool block, popped it onto my tummy for about 2 minutes and was amazed how easily and how painlessly the 30g needle slipped in. Some of the subsequent ones stung a little, but I just slowed down and all was fine. The thought was far worse than the deed LOL. Good luck.

  • If you overthink it, you'll never do it. I had to have a serious conversation with myself ;)

  • scared I hit a nerve !

  • I struck a nerve two weeks ago. There was a brief tingly sensation as the needle went through the skin, and that was it. I don't think there are (m)any nerves in the muscle itself.

  • fbirder .good to know it won't do too much damage then. Will definitely go ahead in within next couple of days when I have time on my own to take time doing it

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