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I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency and Vit D deficiency in 2013. Once on 8 weekly injections and 2500 is of vitD3 I felt so much better. However, in 2016 I felt myself going down hill rapidly. My doctor feels it’s not the B12 deficiency causing my symptoms...I.e fatigue, tinnitus, pins and needles, light sensitivity etc. I had some blood tests done ( only a few days after my b12 injection ) and I am baffled by the results.

My homocysteine level was 9.9,

My MCH 32, MCV 95.5 MCHC 345 My potassium was 5.1 Creatinine 80umol/L

Zinc 13 (borderline )

My understanding is that B12 should reduce levels of Homocysteine, MCH and potassium ( which I understand can be depleted quite significantly after b12 injections) I haven’t had my folate levels checked recently but they were 8.0 about a year ago. Also a recent blood film examination revealed occasional atypical lymphocyte.

Incidentally, I was also diagnosed with a Multinodular Goitre about 18months ago which my Metabolic Specialist says I am borderline thyrotoxicosis. My recent TSH levels have been 0.31 - 0.58 and my serum thyroxine 20.9.

I would so appreciate your thoughts on this. Do you think any of these results are attributing to my feeling so unwell.

Many , many thanks.

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Please could you post the range for each of your blood test results as this will be helpful.


Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

MCV range 83.0 - 101... although on b12 it states the range use to be 80-94 and they advise anyone above 94 should be checked for b12 deficiency

MCH range 27 -32

MCHC range 310 -360

Homocysteine range..... Lab results state...desirable levels up to 10.0

TSH range 0.27 - 4.2

Serum free T4 ... 12 -24

Zinc range 11-24

Serum creatinine....range 44 - 80

Potassium range ....3.5 - 5.0

Hope this is helpful..... it would be great to come up with an answer 😄

Many thanks

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Your Thyroid test results really tell you very little. A multi-nodular goitre could suggest Hashimotos - and from the results you have posted - you have not been tested. You need the FT3 result - and not just the FT4 - along with the Thyroid anti-bodies TPO and Tg to rule out Hashimotos.

The NHS rarely if ever check the FT3 - the most important Thyroid Hormone and only test one anti-body - so pretty useless in establishing the cause of your unwellness.

Hpome Testing kits available through Thyroid UK - and used by 1000's on the Thyroid UK Forum in order to have the complete story.

Click onto the above link and then ABOUT TESTING on the Menu to find the companies offering Private Testing. VitD result ? - 2500 IU's supplement maybe too little ! Co-factors being taken ?

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Many thanks for your reply. I will certainly look into the thyroid problem.

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As mentioned above the NHS testing is not adequate as it fails to test the important bits ! So good luck !

Your blood work all looks fine to me, although I know nothing about the thyroid stuff.

Your homocysteine is well within the normal range.

Potassium levels only drop for a short time after B12 supplements have started following a severe case of macrocytic anaemia.


Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. Just hoping I could come up with an answer..... onwards and upwards.

Many thanks.

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