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51 and to many issues

I need advice. I am just finishing chemo and I also have and taking medicine for:


Pseroatic arthritis

Chrones disease

Heart issues


I’m very active now I gym 5 days a week, do cardio, yoga and lift weights.

The problem is my diet. All these issues require specific diets and some conflict with one another. In the past I lost weight eating low carb but I can’t do strictly low carb as I’ve been told don’t eat meat or chicken, just occasionally.

I need to loose about 20 pounds. I cook for my elderly parents, husband and children. They are all from India and I can’t eat their food with my health issues. I love it very very much that’s why I gained 20lb :)

Please please if anyone has advice please tell me.

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Sophia - have you tried posting on one of the weightloss forums - I suspect they may be of more use than this forum.

These are a couple that came up when I searched on weightloss

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Came across your posts and noticed you are treating your thyroid. Always a difficult thing to treat well as I know from experience ! Do you have any thyroid test results you could share and what is your dose ? Happy to help 😊


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