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Anyone here take hydroxy b12 lozenges?


So iv been taking a methyl b12 complex that includes methyl folate and some b12 methyl spray but iv noticed I'm getting such bad headaches. Found out as I have the mthfr gene and one of the vdr tags so it says I can tolerate all types of b12 but less methyl, so I thought I'd try some hyoxy lozenges for a bit. Does anyone else use them?

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Hi leahcim,

I have just joined in my attempts to understand the effects of hydroxo sublingual. I noticed these gave me alot of energy and its a sustained energy unlike what i got from the methyl pills, but alongside that i have become very restless and "wired".

I would start of on a low dosage as 2000mcg has given me all of the negative symptoms methyls do, but in a more lasting way! This could be the body unaccustomed to b12 but it is a very negative experience

leahcim in reply to David1989

ooo il definitely keep that in mind David thank you. These are 1000 mcg so maybe il half them and do that for a bit :)

yes I take 400 mcg x4a day I was taking cyanocobalomine injections and feeling antsy is the only way to describe the sensation and finally decided the base was the problem and switched since which time the symptoms cleared thank goodness it is all trial and error particularly as I have severe RLS for many not sure how much help this is.

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