Different Types of Methyl B12?

I have had PA for years and have been able to control it with Methyl injections.  The Federal Drug Administration here in the states has put many regulations on pharmacies so my pharmacy stopped creating the Methyl B12.  I found another pharmacy in Michigan that creates methyl so I thought I was good.  But now after being on the methyl from the new pharmacy after about 2 months, some of my symptoms are coming back.  I guess the question is are there different forms of Methyl B12?  I am trying to figure out why the symptoms are coming back even though I am still on Methyl B12 and have been for 7-8 years.  Thanks much for any help here.

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  • Is it the same dosage?

  • as far as I am aware methylcobalamin is methylcobalamin - the formula is the same.

    It is possible that the other contents may be different or that the strength may be different.  In terms of content the only thing I can think of that might affect effectiveness would be if the previous formula included folic acid - or more likely - a methylated form of folate.

    The other possibility is that it is actually a different strength to the original compound - the strength will be measured in terms of the amount of cobalamin in a given volume.

    A third possibility is that it isn't being stored properly as methyl is more sensitive to heat and all forms of cobalamin are sensitive to light - so that some of the methyl has actually broken down into hydroxo.  If it is being transported by an independent party then it could be happening during the transportation rather than being something that the pharmacist is doing.

  • Thanks for the help.  I had the old pharmacist call my new pharmacist and I think what I am learning is that my old B12 was more potent than my new.  Still working with the pharmacies.  Will let you know what happens. Thanks again.

  • there ar e    4 different types of b 12,  and some  may not agree with you or not make you feel better,  methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin, adenosylcobalamin and I cant rember  the 4th one.if you have gene  mutations  it will affect which one is right for you.

  • The other one is Cynocobalamin, which requires more steps in the absorption process.

  • cyanocobalamin yes thanks for that.

  • Not if injected. 

  • I take methylcobolamin also. Mine comes from a compounding pharmacy in California (sorry, I can't remember the name of the place off the top of my head). I live in Washington state, so it has to travel quite a ways to get to me and, unlike cyano, methyl is not stable so it must be kept refrigerated the whole time. I have been told that if my methyl gets as warm as room temperature it will become inactive (useless). I wonder if your new supplier is not keeping it cold enough in transport?

  • Great information. Thank you.

  • Hi, I live in portland Oregon and get my methyl from a compounding pharmacy here in town. It costs 22.00 for 4 injection's worth. Mine says to keep it away from heat but I don't have to refrigerate it. If anybody wants info on this pharmacy for their supplies, let me know, and I'll be glad to give out the info.

  • Can you share with me your compounding pharmacy? Thanks.

  • Hi mayflower57, Of course I'll share! It is Lloyd Compounding Pharmacy on the corner of Burnside and Grand. I tried to paste a link but it wouldn't work, but the website is lcrx.com. Their telephone number is 503-281-4161.Good luck! :-)

  • Hi again, forgot to say my supplies of methyl from this pharmacy always work well and it is 2mgs of B12 in 1ml  if solution, so I inject .50mls.

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