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Is oral/sublingual Methyl b12 good enough on its own or do I need to add adeno or even take hydroxy with it?

I've read somewhere that the body can convert methyl b12 back into adeno b12 if it needs it (if that's in fact true) but wonder if only taking methly b12 might explain why my fatigue is still bad while I feel better psychologically.

I'm reading that adeno helps with energy whereas methyl works on repair.

Is a mix of methyl /adeno best or would hydroxycobalamin trump them both orally??

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most people have no problem converting methyl to adenosyl - but there are some reported instances where people do - personally I find methyl does nothing for me regards mood - there is a lot of genetics involved and it often isn't as simple as saying that one process in the body is involved in a single symptom - really it's a question of try it and see what happens - what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.


Are you getting enough of the right sort of folate for you and other supporting supplements? You might also just need more B12.

I'm really sorry but I have run out of time this morning but see my replies to others and for more information you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

I hope you get everything balanced and feel better soon.

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Please try Garden of Life B12 methyl spray for the mouth. Found mine at Harvest Health. My B12 went from 105 to 433 in just four weeks. My fogginess in the brain was gone within 4 days all of my nerve ending problems are gone. I tried the sublingual under the tongue and that still was not absorbing properly. The spray goes right into the membranes of your mouth and right into the blood system it works better for you just in case you have a stomach problem like I did. My vitamin D for some odd reason also went from a 13 to 19. Of I don't know if the B12 spray had anything to do with it because I am eating mushrooms as often as I can and other things with vitamin D in the foods but I live by that spray! I hope that works for you I don't think you need the other I just think that the type of B12 you're taking is not working for you. It's worth a try and it's only $15. Good luck I know how hard this is!


That's the brand I've been using since November. I've had a nice improvement using it but I'm far from sorted. Before I used it I was laying on the sofa with my eyes covered and frightened of my own shadow.

I take three sprays in the morning and put four in a bottle of water that I drink over the course of the day and the two sprays at bed time.


Good! How is your vitamin D level?


49 (one point below normal) when last checked but I don't know the measurements or reference range.

It's a while since it's been tested though.


Well that's great minds only 19 I have a way to go on that but again my stomach will not absorb it through oral pills so that one I can get through food. So I'm working on that. You should get that checked again cuz that may be yet. I do know that I went through times of being really tired and then it starts to come back. I would look up foods that give you energy and not rely on a pill. It just may take you awhile but I'm going to try to think of some things for you


I've lived with tiredness for five years and begged the Gp to find out why. He was sat on a very low b12 result since 2012 but never made the connection.

I did a private test in November that came back at 153pg but they still refuse to prescribe treatment.

I've been lots worse since July/August but all they want to do is prescribe antidepressants and get me to do talking therapy.

The blood results are staring them right in the face yet I'm sat here feeling tired and dealing with burning legs presumably from nerve damage.


You need a new doctor! I had to switch my primary doctor because he blamed everything on anxiety and wanted to do the same thing and I said that's not it. I finally got a new primary doctor but before that I fell and broke my back and that's where the bone health specialist ran tests and came up with the B12 vitamin D diagnosis. Did they do a thorough check of your thyroid? That could be the problem


I honestly don't know if my thyroid has been checked.

It's felt like I just get fobbed off each time I ask for help.

I'm certain my notes just say "fruit cake hypochondriac " when they open them up.

They could of course be right.

I've ruled nothing out.

You can't argue with a doctor. That just means you are crazy.


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