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Jarrow B12 MethylCobalamin

As I am waiting to try and get the Intrinsic factor bloodtest which my GP is reluctant to do, I think injections will be an even bigger no no.

Is the Jarrow MethylCobalamin lozenges 5000mg or 1000mg any good?

Which one is best? I will wait for my blood results to come back but I think I need to start taking something soon to stop myself feeling so ill, which would be best to start on?

Thank you :)

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Hi mistygrey

Jarrow MethylCobalamin lozenges work for some people as do patches, and sprays.

If you are hoping to get an Intrinsic Factor test don't supplement, with anything with B12 in it, before having it - it will skew the result, which is not accurate at the best of times.

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