I have tried taking methyl cobalamin for the past 4 days and I feel awful. Depressed ,sleepy & can't function. The funny thing is the tingling in my hands and feet have improved somewhat & I can walk upstairs easier. I can't continue with these though as they make me feel I'll. I will go back to my hydroxo until my next injection on 26th. I can't wait ! Has anyone else had this problem ?

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  • I started on methylcobalamin sublinguals whilst fighting (unsuccessfully) for injections. I was on 15mg/day (3 x 5mg sublinguals) and suffered from severe headaches and not feeling 'myself'. I had to build up to taking methyl-starting with 2.5mg a day. I now take 4 x 5mg methylcobalamin sublinguals as well as 5mg methylfolate a day with no problem.

    It might be a case of needing to build up gradually. (Although worth noting that some people simply don't tolerate methyl-anything.).

  • Methyl doesn't make me feel ill - did give me a headache but that went after a while - but it certainly did nothing for my neuropsychiatric symptoms - depression and anxiety - but it did and still does give me a bit more feeling in my left foot ... and also helps a bit with sleep patterns - there is nothing to say that you can't use a combination of forms of B12 - I mix methyl with adenosyl and hydroxo - the adenosyl and hydroxo seem to work very well with the neuropsychiatric. Use nasal spray for hydroxo and methyl and sublingual for adenosyl.

  • If you haven't already start a logbook of your symptoms. Some symptoms appears after treatment that for me indicate that my B12 was too low.

    Methyl is more efficient than either hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin and so I suspect your are experiencing detoxification symptoms. The more severe the symptoms the lower you were before the treatment.

    I inject cyano but take methyl to fill in on a daily basis. I feel I need the extra supplements before meetings to clear my head and work better.

    In the logbook, treat the injection as day zero. All the symptoms from the jab repeat in sequence over 3 to 4 days. Assess each symptoms with your own severity score and log that. Look back at your scores to monitor improvement. The progress of nerve repair is extremely slow but if you stay with what is working you will see progress

  • Methyl is not more efficient than hydroxo or cyano. Both of those are easily converted to both methyl and adenosylcobalamin - and you need both of those, not just magic methyl.

    There is no such thing as detoxification. It is woo-woo, mumbo-jumbo, quasi-scientific nonsense.

  • @fbirder....Do you know why I would feel so bad on methyl then?. I will be getting my hydroxo injection on the 26th( a few months trial :/ ).Sometimes I feel tired after that injection then I am absolutely fine (certainly not nearly as bad as with these sublinguals). I have started back on the hydroxo sublinguals and am absolutely fine with these. I know it's not my imagination and am actually scared to take the methyl again. Incidentally, I am back to not sleeping again but soooo tired .

  • I'm afraid I have no idea. I felt horrid the one time I tried injecting methylcobalamin. I don't know why and I gave away the ampoules that I had left.

    If I were a scaremonger I might put forward the fact that when it degrades it forms a molecule of methanol. And, as the aspartame conspiracy theorists keep telling us, methanol is a nasty substance.

    Of course, the amounts involved are, like the cyanide threat, insignificant. But when has that ever put a halt to a woo-woo theory?

    Have you tried adenosyl sublinguals?

  • fbirder ..thanks for the information. I will have a look at the adenosyl sublinguals. It's such a shame that doctors aren't clued up enough. As you might know, I had a talk with my GP about how I have gone back to square one since feeling "nomal" after my loading doses. She has been quite good and is giving me monthly injections which started 26th of June but is afraid to give me loading doses again. She was also open to my suggestion she reads "Could it be B12", so I don't want to rock the boat. I am at the desperate stage being ten days away from salvation and just can't wait for my next one. I am going to read up on methanol just now. If nothing else, I am becoming more savvy about vitamins and the how they work together. How I wish I had known sooner ;)

  • Don't worry about methanol. It's almost certain that there will be more in a glass of wine than you'll get from 10,000 ug of b12.

    I've just got back from walking the hounds and had a check. The EU limit for methanol in alcoholic spirits is 0.4%. So a 25ml single measure of nice gin is allowed to have 100,000 ug of methanol in it. That's about 10,000 times as much methanol as in a single jab of hydroxocobalamin.

    It's also 10 times the amount of methanol you'd get by drinking a can of diet coke sweetened with aspartame.

  • My b12 treatment began with methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, I was taking 10x5000mcg daily and improvements were significant. Due to the inconvenience and cost of taking so many I started self injecting methylcobalamin, 5mg on alternate days. I then tried to leave it a week between shots but found I have to return to alternate days again. I still have about 4 of the lozenges each day too. The NHS are going to give me injections starting in 2 weeks, which will be hydroxocobalamin. I am hoping it is more effective for me than methylcobalamin as I still get really tired in the afternoon, brain fog is returning as are stronger painful tingling in my feet and hands. Didn't get side effects with the methylcobalamin though.

    I think this shows we will all react differently to the different types of b12 and delivery methods, especially as we have different causes and have had b12 deficiency for different lengths of time. I know many people can feel worse before getting better as the body, in particular the nerves, start to heal. Maybe that's what is happening with you and in a few more days you'll turn a corner. I realise it's difficult to keep going if you feel worse though. I hope things improve soon.

  • sayitas , they are solgar sublinguals 1000mcg. What kind of genetic test should I ask for. As a family, my mum, sister, myself, and my mum's sister have always had a problem with "tiredness". I have three cousins with celiac disease and one confirmed pernicious anaemia. My dad died of stomach cancer when he was 57. I also get nerve like pain like an upside down "C" shape above my tummy when I take a deep breath in at times, but this goes away when I am taking subs (especially with the methyl). Incidentally, when I first received my loading doses I had terrible colic after the first 2 injections but was fine with the others

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