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Methylcobalamin and fatigue

Hi, I have been taking hydroxo from my GP and also Methylcobalamin form a private Dr, I seem to suffer fatigue when I take the Methyl. Have any of you suffered the same thing?

I am struggling to get enough hydroxo from my GP and am at a loss as whether to buy more methyl and suffer the fatigue or perhaps buy hydroxo from somewhere else, just don't know where to source it from.

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Methylcobalamin does not work for every one, if hydroxo works better for you then stick to it, but make sure you are not folate def etc. Taking a good multi vitamin can help avoid getting to many imbalances.

Many buy hydroxo on the internet from Germany, for more info see this topic:


Some more info in here:


I hope this helps you,

Kind regards,



I have looked at goldpharma it is not clear to me which hydroxo to order, any help would be appreciated. Thank you


Pasted from the old PAS forum (posts from 2009):


Many buy:


LOPHAKOMP B 12 Depot 1000 from this site mycare.de/index.php -


goldpharma.com in Germany

Rotexmedica comes in 1ml ampoules not the 2ml ampoules that some of the other German manufacturers use.


It really doesn't matter. I've used Lophacomp, Hevert and Rotexmedica and they all work for me. They are all 1mg of hydroxo but the Rotexmedica are a 1ml solution while the Lophacomp and Hevert are a 2ml solution i.e. the same amount of hydroxo but in twice the volume of liquid. I prefer the 2ml solutions for intramuscular injections as they sting less and in theory might take longer to be absorbed (although that could be nonsense).



I have tried methylcobalamin patches and sublingual tablets to supplement my 8 weekly injection but I get an awful headache a few hours after taking it in either form and my legs feel very weak; similar to some of my symptoms before I was diagnosed. I have also tried sublingual Dibencozide (adenosylcobalamin) but don't feel much effect from them. So I'm persevering with hydroxo patches and am weighing up whether I might be better off self injecting hydroxo obtained via internet.

I am currently writing down daily symptoms and any supplements to try and understand what's going on and to discuss with GP if necessary. Recent blood tests for folate, ferritin etc were all fine but I haven't as yet asked for a copy of these. I do hope you find something soon that works for you.

Best wishes



Interesting that you mention headaches.

I've just started trying methylcobalamin as nasal spray and find that I have been getting weird headaches ... but they seem to be lasting less time each time I use them ... only been using them for 2 days ... and they get better if I move around ... going to persevere for a while as want to see if I manage to utilise methylcobalamin more efficiently which might make it a cheaper option as I am a bit of a B12 junkie :)


Let me know how you get on, if it works will try it. At the moment I'm using the nasal spray you recommended which is making me feel a lot better, in fact probably the best I have felt for years so I'm so glad for your help. You don't realise how bad you felt till you feel better, I even managed a lot of driving and a late ish night two days before my injection.


Glad it is helping - think I do need less of the methylcobalamin than the hydroxocobalamin but still a bit early - had a moment of headache this morning - bit like an ice-cream headache - so that is definitely receding ... may methylcobalamin is actually like sensodyne for the brain :)


Can you share what nasal spray you're using and where you get it?


Hi, sorry bout late reply. I'm using Methyl B12 nasal drops 1'ooomcg from Your Health Basket / Detox People. Though much more often than they say. I use it once a day and also a Yuliv Focus Hydroxo nasal spray once a day ( using that one up as I already had it) you can get the Methyl drops in a stronger strength but decided to try the 1,000 first. It does seem to help.


Where do you purchase those? Hopefully online. I love in the US. Thank you.


Hi. I Got mine from a company called detoxpeople.eu but I can't work out who it's made by. The one I have is Methyl B12 1,000 mcg nasal drops. They also do 5,000 mcg. I use it two drops once a day with a Yuliv focus Hydroxocobalamin nasal spray once a day as well as I have some left. You could try a search on line for B12 Methylcobalamin Nasal Spray.

Hope this helps.


Is your iron level okay too?

I recently started the methyl b12 and was still fatigued. So I started taking iron supplements too. I'm feeling better, slowly.


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