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PA and Liver issue

I have PA (jabs every 2 months, and occasional si. (once a month maybe) Just had bloods done as think I have Hashimoto's TSH level is 5.24 (.035-5.mu/l) liver profile is 80g/l (61-79g/L) Ferritin is 85ug/L (12-250ug/L, Vit D has risen from 35 to 78 Im taking 5000units when I remember. Liver profile : Should I be worried about the B12 causing rise in liver result or is this likely to be associated with TSH levels. I have read that B12 can damage Liver and Kidney Cells. ???? Thanks x

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A liver profile is normally many tests. Which has you worried?


Hi fbirder I am not sure Liver result is elevated due to PA or due to TSH?


don't know about any association between liver and thyroid - have you queried on TUK


doubt it is related to the B12 - liver problems can interfere with B12 levels (either causing dumping - elevated levels of B12 - and/or resulting in your body being unable to use a reservoir of B12 to regulate levels in blood) but not aware of anything the other way round. The situation with Kidney is the same - kidney problems can cause elevated levels of B12 because they stop filtering out excess B12 - so think that if you have read anything about high B12 causing liver and kidney problems it is someone getting the causal link round the wrong way.

something like 40% of people with PA will go on to develop hashimotos so it is a possibility - raised TSH is a sign that your thyroid isn't functioning properly but if you want to know if you have hashi's (auto-immune) you will need to have antibodies tested.

As per fbirder's comment you only have one measure of liver function - it's only just out of range so isn't screaming a liver problem - next step if you are concerned is to talk to your GP and ask them to do a full liver panel.

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Thank you, I'm waiting for the results of the Thyroid Antibodies will re post when got them. x

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It looks to me from your TSH that undertreated Thyroid is more likely to be affecting your liver.

Until my thyroid was optimally treated, I had problems with heart and cholesterol,

The little book, 'Understanding Thyroid Disorders", by Dr Anthony Toft, published in association with the BMA, was helpful in persuading my GP to treat optimally, as thyroid blood tests should not be interpreted in isolation.


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