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Low Ferritin, Iron and B12, normal folid acid?

Hello, after 1 month Iron and B12 (Spray) treatment here are my results:

Ferritin 8.2 ng/ml / Ref. Values 30-400

Folic acid 23.4 ng/ml / Ref. Values 3.89 - 26.8

Iron 3.5 µmol/l / Ref. Values 8,9 - 37,9

Low B12, but normal Folid acid?

Also, my hemoglobin level is 136 now(in the normal range) what the **** Is happening to my body? :D

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What was your B12?

Having low B12 and normal folate isn't unusual. B12 is found in meat/fish. Folate is mainly found in veg. It's easy to have a deficiency in just one with an unbalanced diet.


Less than 50 pg/ml serum. My Iron is also very low. And ideas why my hemoglobin is normal?


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