B12 and folate

Hi all

Apologies as I think this has been answered a few times (Clivealive I am talking to you here!).

I had a B12 of under 180 a few months ago. Same story as many. Had bad neuro symptoms but after 6 doses doctor refused any more for 3 months. Am exploring other options with B12 but also just noticed (and thought more about) folate which has remained at 7 (7-22) for over a year. My neuro symptoms are much better as are other B12 symptoms but I am still tired and not quite right. GP no help at all. Should I be taking some kind of folic acid? Already taking (for various reasons

B12 spray

Apple cider vinegar and manuka in warm water first thing

Probiotic shortly before lunch

Iron and vitamin c with lunch

Vitamin d spray

Thanks for any thoughts


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  • Forgot to say. MCH steadily increasing. Now 33 (27-32) a month after finishing b12 loading dose.

  • Supermarket (I use Tesco) folic acid. As good as any other and a lot cheaper than most. 400 ug a day should be plenty.

  • Hi HCC2 what fbirder said.

    Personally I've taken 1 – Folic Acid 400μg every day as a "maintenance" dose for more years than I can remember as I have B12 cyanocobamalin injections every three weeks.

  • Hi clive did you get headaches when you first injected as i have today .

  • It is not an uncommon reaction and I sometimes have a slight heart palpitation but after 45 years of B12 injections it's not something I worry about.

  • Thanyou am i doing right si cynocolabarim i think it was.

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