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Alcohol and b12?

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Hello all.

I have had b12 symptoms for the past few months and I have finally ordered an active b12 test from Medichecks which I will do in the new year.

I have noticed since I had the symptoms, that when I consume alcohol, I get very tipsy and lose inhibition and sensory (as you do when you're drunk :p) much quicker after a few beers. Is there a link between alcohol affecting you more when b12 deficient. I went out clubbing for the first time since my symptoms started last nights and felt pretty lashed after a couple drinks. I don't feel too bad right now though, probably as bad as I should feel after a night out.

But yes to conclude, would being b12 deficient affect how quickly alcohol affects me?

Thanks for any replies x

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Some people do report the response you have. I’ve noticed no difference.

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Half a sniff and I'm trollied!! 😁

Sometimes I'm worse than others so rarely drink any alcohol in public to avoid any potentially embarrassing consequences!!

Yes, it's a common thing!

I'm not sure why other than B12 is used by the body to eliminate toxins and alcohol is a poison plus the access relationship between B12 and the liver, maybe?

Some people who are not B12d use it to reduce hangovers.

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Hi WilfriedZahha

Alcohol depletes you of ALL the B vitamins. Like someone else said here it’s a poison. It’s a diuretic too , that’s why when you drink the next day you feel really thirsty.

Anyway, that could be the reason when you have alcohol on board that you lose your balance, it affects your spinal cord and your brain which is what the body needs B12 for.

Seasons greetings to you.

I have pernicious anemia, and found out it was from alcoholism. I quit in 2014 but the damage in my stomach was already done. I didn't start having symptoms until earlier this year. I never knew alcohol could do so much damage as it did to me. I was told it also caused my anemia. Hopefully you are not consuming alcohol too much, because you don't want to make things worse.

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