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Ferritin up and b12 up - translation of blood tests, please?

Please could someone advise as to what these iron tests show?

My ferritin level has gone up. B12 level has gone up and as I do not take any b12 supplements ( my last 3-monthly injection was 31/5) how can my levels go up when it is now longer since my last dose??

Concentration is still a main problem along with finding the correct words for everyday things. Also I am sweating more .(could it be connected to flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis/ osteoarthritis diagnosis?)

My last private tests from Blue Horizon (shown to Doctor)

Ferritin 463(20-150)

b12 at 807 deficient <140 insufficient 140-250 Consider reducing >725

low folate 16.90 (8.83-60.8)

Doctor then had

FBC, Iron tests, b12 serum blood test, carried out in house.


Folate Normal 10.2ug/L (<3.8)

With a note saying folate cut-off from 21/11/17 is 20% lower than before? would this make the reading done privately void? Why is there no upper limit displayed?

Serum iron level Normal 25umol/L (10-30)

Serum iron tests

Serum iron level 25umol/L (10-30)

Serum transferrin 2.2g/L (2.0-4.0)

transferrin saturation index 45.2% (20-50)

Rheumatoid factor <10 IU/ml (0.0-20.0)

Serum Vitamin B12 1032ng/L (180-900) note saying I have enough B12 for at least 2 years , not necessary to repeat B12 levels during this period, monitoring not necessary.

Serum ferritin 513ug/L (15-300) not low in iron. Note ferritin is an acute phase protein. Patient notes Graves disease and low vitamin b12.

Thank you

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There are two different units that can be used to measure B12, ng/L and pmol/l. Looks like the first results are in pmol/L rather than ng/L. On this basis the two results are consistent.


Thank you for replying Gambit 62

Could I ask if you think the high ferritin is anything to be concerned about as it is slightly higher than last time and am I right in understanding it to be the iron which is stored in the body?


ferritin is a protein that binds to iron allowing it to be used by cells.

To be honest I think the levels are probably too high - you can overdose on iron - so would suggest reviewing with your GP and if you are supplementing consider stopping - if not would suggest that you might need to look into why the levels are creeping up


That is why I went back for the 2nd appointment. He didn't mention the high ferritin (I am not supplementing)and said my iron tests were 'normal' all other ones not cause for concern and that I could take Vit. D tablets to raise levels.


Sorry, I asked to be referred to Endocrinologist about Thyroid/ Adrenal and he's put it down as a request for a 2nd opinion. I asked about the lack of concentration and loss of memory(short term) He just shrugged and said he didn't know and that maybe things would improve when the thyroid levels are settled.


There is a huge overlap with thyroid in terms of symptoms of B12 - so sorting out thyroid levels could resolve problems - ditto with vitamin D.

In general if you want to narrow something down specifically then you need to keep other potential factors constant soyou cansee what is really causing changes, so tackling thyroid first would make sense.

As above - ferritin is an indicator in relation to iron - and there will be other indicators in your blood tests. a haematologist would be the person to refer to if you want an expert opinion on what is happening with the blood work.


Thank you for confirming my thoughts, I have a handful of diseases and think that the thyroid should be stabilised first.

I feel better now I've reduced the thyroxine, Would you suggest I go back when 8 weeks are up and see if he'll test TSH again. I know I was 0.2 last time and this is about where it needs to be despite 'normal' levels everyone seems fixated with!

At the moment awaiting appointment for Endocrinologist, could I ask him about bloods or see the doctor for another referral for Haematologist when this is over?

Thank you so much for your help.

Have to get the dinner on, so will 'look in' to-morrow



not an expert in thyroid - suggest you repost question on TUK

you could certainly ask the endo about results and for his/her view on referral to haematology


Many thanks for the helpful info


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