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By b12 serum was 393...Dr's did not want to test my b12...had neurological symptoms...neuropathy of entire left arm and hand...weakness and loss of balance in legs....been supplementing with methylcobalamin sublinguals 5000 mcg and had 5 b12 injections...tingling in neck and shoulders has subsided....strength is slowly returning.... haven't been able to find much info about recovery experiences....does anyone have any info on how long and what the experience is like ??

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  • suggest that you browse through other posts - there really isn't a standard answer to your question - some notice symptoms improve quickly - others don't notice anything for months - lt find that symptoms return well before maintenance shots are due.

  • Is common to feel previously afflicted areas have sensations ? Us that sign if healing ???

  • is common for aches and pains to seem to get worse before they get better - some people also find that immune system goes into overdrive and colds really start to express themselves in runny noses - rashes are also quite a common side effect (though doesn't always subside.

    As I say - look through other peoples posts - its quite regular for someone to ask about what goes on in initial stages.

    would be good to identify all symptoms and monitor what happens with them as time goes on - as B12 deficiency from an absorption problem can take years and even decades to manifest as a full blown deficiency worth also noting things that may have been around for years.


  • I have one more question?...I read that there had been studies done where ultra doses of methyl b12 encouraged nerve regeneration...it was stated that the dosage used is in accordance to individual weight at 500 mcg/kg ...I took an ultra dose of 30000 mcg of sublingual methyl....my feet and areas that had been afflicted started to tingle and are still tingling...not sure if this should be cause for alarm any info is very much appreciated 🙏🏾

  • If anyone has any insight it would be awesomeness

  • Not sure how that would work as anything above a certain level in the blood is, straight away, eliminated in the urine.

  • I'm not sure but I don't think it's being excreted in my urine even with the ultra dosing...urine is clear with a faint yellow color...idk I'm just going to continue and hopefully I'll come out ok on the other side

  • I've been getting shots and loading with vegan safe b 12...since I've been having new problems with my vision it's spotty and blurry I'm not sure if this is a healing response or some new problems...anyone who's has any info would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏾

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