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Private bloods for B12 and folate



I wonder if i can get some advice. Over the last couple of years my b12 levels have been coming down. I have alot of the symptoms and also neurological symptoms which have been getting worse. B12 deficiency runs in my family and they all receive the injections. I had some tests recently through medichecks and my b12 is 170.4 range 191-663 folate is 2.76 range 4.6-18.7 i have sent these results to my gp with an letter. I have been unwell for a number of years and been diagnosed with Fibro, subclinical hypothyroidism, reynauds, ibs, gastritis i am under an endo at the moment for thyroid. Has anyone been successful in gp taking private blood results or im looking for some extra info to back me up when i have my appt on the 3rd October. The gp is well aware of all my symptoms. Thanks

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All doctors are different, some will take notice of private results and some won't. Some don't even take notice of the results of their own tests!

If you have neuro symptoms and get no joy from the gp you really must think about self-treating before your symptoms become permanent. Are you supplementing?

Thanks for your reply. Im not supplementing at the moment im trying to hold off until i see my gp and would like them to treat it. I will def consider if they dont but i want to argue my corner first. Iv gone through the practice manager and said if they dont take the matter seriously i will hold them accountable for any neurological damage. Iv had neuro symptoms for a couple of years but its always been put down to my migraines and reynauds but its got worse and i have neuropathic pain in my spine everyday its awful. I agree they dont even take notice of there own results.

Yes, I can see your point, but give yourself a time limit and if need be get started on self-treatment. If it looks like they're dragging their heels and it's going to take forever just get on with it. You may tell them they'll be responsible for damage but you need to do the best for yourself. The good thing about that is that it is all within your control. Self-treatment is not expensive or difficult and it may save you from permanent damage.

Have you looked at this site? Informative and useful.

If they ignore the private tests then ask for them to repeat the tests. Ask for serum B12 and folate as well as MMA (methylmalonic acid) and anti-IF (Intrinsic Factor) antibodies.

faras66 in reply to fbirder

Thank you. I have written down the tests to ask for if they ignore them thank you.

Its true what you are saying, if they drag their heals. I will definately take matters into hand. I will have a look on the link and all the info from your message has helped. Thank you for taking the time to do that :)

My pleasure! I hope you feel better soon.


please have a look at this post and the linked blog

faras66 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you


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