Do I not require blood test for folic acid anymore

Diagnosed by haematologist 33 years ago folic acid deficiency, twenty years later doctor told me did not need it, hence two years later very anemic back on folic acid, 3 years later vitamin B injections for four months as well as usual tablets 2 years later (now) doctor does not test for this any more, is this correct can anyone advise please

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  • Yes. you need blood tests including B12 folic acid D as you have a tendency to revert. you may need to monitor why your system reverts. Best to do the tests privately. Its your health.

  • Thank you Any advice on how to do this privately

  • I believe Blue Horizon co uk offers various tests. You could ask at a different practise for NHS tests.

  • Waiting for results also got a form to go back to previous practice thank you

  • I wouldn't bother with folate blood tests. Just take 400 ug of folic acid each day.

  • Thought that was all I would ever have to do when told I needed a course of injections two years ago so confusing need to go to medical school I think

  • I am confused.

    I've not heard of people having folic acid injections.

  • Sorry meant to say vitamin b12 not folic acid

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