Correct dosage of folic acid and ferrous fumarate for optimum effect of B12 injections?

Foggyme and others. Please could you confirm what is the correct dosage of ferrous fumarate and folic acid should be to ensure the optimum effect of the B12 injections? As posted previously, my ferritin was 7.5 ug/L [10.0 - 291.0] and my serum folate level was 10.85 ug/L [> 5.38] with the 5mg of folic acid which I take weekly. I know that you said that the ferritin should ideally be around 80ug/L and folate should be in the top third of the reference range, but I'm not sure how much iron and folic acid supplements to take to achieve this. Also, I've read in other posts that Vitamin D supplements should come with K2 supplements - is this correct? If so, how much for Vitamin D deficiency. I am going for a follow-up appointment to the GP on Wednesday, so all advice gratefully received, as ever! Thanks.

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  • Hi rebs48

    Iron tablets - It depends on your doctor and how well you react to the tablets - some people have quite bad constipation / and or nausea on them. Looks like 100-200mg/day of elemental iron is the recommentation for iron deficient anaemia. The different types of iron salts have different amounts of elemental iron in them so it depends on which you end up taking.

    British national formulary :

    NICE Vit D treatment:

    Folic acid: Probably one to discuss with your doctors as you are on a high dose already due to your methotrexate treatment.

    Vit K : Not sure, sorry! Its one I know very little about to be honest... Not a good idea to take too much if you are on any type of anticoagulant medication though.

    Good luck with your GP on Wednesday. :-)

  • Vitamin D improves the uptake of calcium from foods. VitK2 MK7 directs calcium away from the arteries into bones and teeth. K2 is not to be confused with VitK 1 which is involved in the clotting mechanism. Your VitD dose will depend on your result. If VERY low you may need loading doses initally.

  • My VitD level is 22.6 nmol/L, so moderately deficient. Thanks for the links!

  • You may wish to go for loading doses - or take it more slowly. A daily dose of 5000 IU's would not be unreasonable - along with the K2 MK7 and Magnesium .... there are many types of magnesium so have a good look around. There is an excellent book called - The Magnesium Miracle - by Carolyn Dean.

  • Thanks for taka and Marz for the advice. I'll look at the links. :)

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