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Do I need more folic acid?

my folate level was 7 (don't know the reference range,sorry) when my b12 deficiency was diagnosed(b12 was 174).I've had 6 weekly loading shots and am on monthly shots now(Thank God!)

with advise that I've gotten here,I've also started taking,

Vitamin D,

Vitamin B complex with 400ug of folic acid,


&Omega 3,6&9

my question is whether I should be taking the higher dose of folic acid?(5MG)now that I'm getting B12.

I've seen some people on here recommend it,to aid b12 absorption.

Thanks so much,I really do appreciate it

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I had low normal folate which went to over 20 in about 3 months with 400mcg metylfolate and B complex with 400mcg folic acid

Methylfolate is best. Bcsh guidelines talk about lower doses being sufficient and I found that too. High dose folic acid long term has been associated with cancer.


Thanks second chance


Eating folate rich food is good. Folic acid is a artificial form and to much may not be good, so never take more than you need. If you are deficient you will be prescribed folic acid 5mg, for 3-4 months only, then if needed you may go onto a maintenance dose to keep your levels up.


Ok thats answered that,I was wondering ,because the doctors didnt mention any vitamins at all(just the nurse who advised vit D)I won't be adding any more .

Thanks again,

this site is a life saver(literally) ( :


I am vegan and my folate levels were extremely high my advice eat more veg 😊


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