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Confused blood results

Just new on here today as lost faith in GP can anybody advise as confused at present and not sure which post to write this in, but here goes.

Symptoms itching arms, had bloods taken came back diabetes under active thyroid already take levothyroxine and raised liver results but that seems to run in family, cannot understand why when I take folic acid for life had injections in past they did not test for as long history of this, but told me they don't test this any more and had to demand from nurse today that she tests it, she was not happy and made sure my arm knew about it by the time she had finished does anybody know if these things could be linked in any way. (Should have said this is a new doctors practice) any help appreciated

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Hi Megan222 I know no reason why your serum Folate should not be tested. Did you ask for your B12 to be tested too?

What injections are you referring to? B12?

Having thyroid problems may put you at risk of developing a B12 deficiency and that and Folate help your iron to make red blood cells.

I'm not a medically trained person but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice

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Thank you for that yes it was B12 will wait until next week see for sure if she took it cheers



just to be clear - are you being treated with B12 injections? or have these been stopped.

If you are being treated then the current guidelines in the UK are not to test B12 again unless there is a reason to believe that the patient is not complying with treatment (unlikely if you are receiving maintenance doses).

This guidance reflects the fact that following practicalities - that normal range for B12 doesn't really mean a lot once you are on injections and is therefore an unnecessary cost. There are no problems with B12 being toxic - not the same if you are monitoring sugar and thyroid levels where things need to be in a range.

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Thank you for information gladly received the injections stopped after four months and only on tablet just so puzzled why they would not just check as for diabetes just been diagnosed and first time had to increase levothyroxine in years just very confused


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