Eyes bouncing or fluttering in the mornings

Eyes bouncing or fluttering in the mornings. Is this a part of Pernicious Anemia? I have had this for 6 months. It goes away after about 20-30 minutes of being awake, but it sometimes makes me dizzy or nauseous. It seems to be getting better since I've started injections, but don't know if this is part of this illness or something else.

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  • Hi,

    My eyelids used to often flutter but this symptom disappeared when I started to get B12. The fluttering comes back occasionally and I think this is when my body does not have enough B12.

  • I get this too. Just started on Bit B12 injections for deficiency of same.

  • Blackdhalia does this make you nervous, because it does to me.

  • Not really it's been going on for years. It goes away after a few seconds.

  • Before my 'diagnosis' (ie self-diagnosis which luckily the doctor went along with!) of PA, another doctor had referred me to the Audiology department of the hospital because of my dizziness, poor balance and eye-fluttering. Of course the Audiologist found nothing actually wrong with my ears, although he could see how poor my balance was. Since receiving B12 injections, the dizziness and all those balance and eye-fluttering symptoms have gone, so hopefully yours will too! The Audiologist did tell me that the eye fluttering was part of the dizziness and balance issue, where the brain is trying to make sense of the input in order to stabilise balance.

  • Thanks for telling your story. I too went to an ear/ tinnitus specialist because of dizziness, eye bouncing, and being unbalanced. We did numerous test and my ear/ brain were okay. She said that maybe my problem was from low oxygen to the brain and migraine. But I can't imagine that it's from migraine every single day. What makes sense to me now is that it's possible that there isn't enough oxygen going to the brain and the neurological problems. I just hope its stops soon. I'm so tired of being dizzy and nauseous in the morning.

  • Yes - the Audiologist even sent me for an MRI scan because he couldn't find the cause of my dizziness, eye-fluttering and vertigo. But now, thanks to the B12 injections, this has completely cleared up. I hope yours does too - I'm sure it will!

  • Funny You Say That About The Eyes...Because Before I Was Diagnosed With Pernicious Anemia & Started My B-12 Shots That Happened Constantly...The Neurological Part Of The Disease...My Aunt Always Had That

  • Linda, how long did it take for this to go away for you?

  • About 8 Months

  • B12 is involved in the Myelin Sheath that protects the nerves - so it could be the Optic Nerve waking up thanks to the treatment - or sending a message that more B12 is needed.

    Before injections I too had a problem with the Optic Nerve ....

  • Marz, how long before your eyes improved?

  • It was a bleed next to the Optic Nerve - fortunately a one off. Having read about B12 in the involvement of the myelin sheath - it was with hindsight I made the connection. The incident must have been around eight years ago and nothing since ......

  • Hello all, I am new to this forum and newly diagnosed with pernicious anemia (autoimmune atrophic gastritis). I get eye twitches/ fluttering mostly when overtired and stressed, will be interesting to see if this is part of B12 deficiency. I also had a new eye issue diagnosed in January of this year. I started seeing circular flashes of light and objects floating across the surface of my eye. Diagnosed as posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) and told that it was normal for my age (50). I've started weekly loading B12 shots, will be encouraged to find out if the eye issues are part of PA and possibly resolve in time.

  • I also have a lot of stuff floating in my eyes that I didn't have before. Along with light sensitivity. I used to live in the sun, but now I have to avoid it and always wear sunglasses. I miss being outside and opening my windows. I hope and pray that maybe some of this will go away as my body heals. I've just started shots 4 weeks ago.

  • Also check your VitD level - needs to be around 100.


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