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Dry eyes or corneal ulcers?

Hi there, I'm new here but not yet have the diagnosis of PA but my levels since getting them tested over 8 years have always been under 250, currently I'm 189, still no help as I'm 'normal range'...

However it occurred to me this morning that I have also been suffering with dry eyes over the last few years. I used to wear contact lenses until last year when I ended up in hospital virtually blind with corneal ulcers in both eyes, I hospitalised for a week. After 7 months I'm seeing again but I've lost some of my sight and there's some corneal scarring. But I'm very lucky I can see.

The weird thing is, my friend, who was diagnosed with PA in his teens, also had corneal ulcers 3 months later. He is a contact lens wearer too.

I'm asking if PA can also cause dry eyes, which in my case lead to corneal ulcers. Anyone else on here experienced that? Or had contact lens problems?

Many thanks :)

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Hi cwtchme ,

Welcome here.

I've not heard that happening to others on the old PAS daughter has contact lenses and no problems with dry eyes (she has been on B12 treatment for over 5 years now I think). There are other autoimmune conditions that can cause dry eyes, but usually that also involves mouth etc , such as

Sjögren Syndrome; see:

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,



Thank you for that, it's just a thought as I said :)


Hi, the only thing I can tell you from my experience is that I also have dry eyes and I have a borderline b12 deficiency (like you always less than 250) and I read once about a woman whose dry eyes went when she had b12 injections. I'm not being treated for my b12 at all though yet because 'its not low enough' so I can't tell you if treatment does work but its probably worth a try.


Thanks for that. I think I'm going to ask my optician when I next see her if she's ever had cases of dry eyes and it's been linked to a B12 deficiency. She's probably never thought to ask though, but if I mention it, she might ask in future



I am borderline on B12 (251) given 3 injections and again after 2 months loading dose of 6 injections (got 2 injections already) still i have dry eyes. I was also had iron deficiency. I had lasik surgery done 3 years back, at that time i did have dry eyes but it cured after 3 months of lubrication.

Again i am lubrication drops and hope that it will be cured after 3 months.




I was diagnosed with PA about two and a half months ago and have been getting B12 injections since then 2x a week. I've had severe dry eyes for about three months with no relief. I've been taking steroid drops and lubrication drops but still no relief.


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