Treatment in the Netherlands

I was just exploring the new PA site and I came across this survey on the Stichting Tekort site. It looks at the diagnosis and treatment of 1500 patients (presumably Dutch).

The amazing thing was that, after loading doses, almost 60% of those receiving injections were getting them once a month, or better!

Perhaps this should be mentioned to doctors who are reluctant to prescribe anything more frequent than every 3 months.

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  • Now you are cooking with gas 😊

  • I read that a couple of weeks ago and was amazed too fbirder - perhaps we should all "go Dutch" :)

  • too late - we're leaving Europe! Wonder how that will play out for those of us buying our b12 from Germany etc.

  • Oh what a thought! Can't function without my ampules

  • oh PA is so HORRIBLE and from reading these posts so many gp's in the UK just wont budge on frequency of injections - I am so very tired to fighting.

  • I was told very firmly by my GP that B12 injections are only licensed to be given 3 monthly.

  • That's almost true.

    In the UK B12 injections are licensed for use 3 monthly for those with PA and no neurological symptoms. For those with such symptoms it's licensed for use every 2 months.

    For some other conditions it's licensed for use up to monthly.

    However, it is fairly common for doctors to prescribe off-label (i.e., not within the terms of the license). This is especially true when treating children as many drugs are only licensed for adults.

    This is the case with B12. So a doctor treating a 15-year-old with PA would have to go off-label.

  • Oh thanks for that info, that would be why she keeps telling me the pins and needles in my arms and legs are nothing to do with PA. I expect the Atrial fibrillation I now have is random as well. At least I have to see a Cardiologist for that.

  • Brilliant find fbirder!! Have added it to my favourites for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

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