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So visit to the Endio confirmed that, l am being given too much thyroid replacement, so need to cut back,( yes l know l probably need to post on thyroid uk site) but along with my B12 issues l am know losing normal iron so much that l am on 210 mg 3 times a day.

He says he thinks l may also have Addison's disease and this scares me anyone else here have this.?

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  • (Not an answer to your actual question, sorry.)

    I had the same problem as you with regard to losing iron. I was on 210mg of ferrous fumarate, three times a day, for nearly two years, to get my iron-related levels up to optimal (mid-range).

    It wasn't a cure, by any means, but I reduced the speed of my iron loss by going 100% gluten-free. I'm guessing that some people might benefit from different dietary interventions e.g. going lactose/casein free, eating a low histamine diet, cutting out nightshades. I've never tried any of these, but I would if I had to. I was just happy with the effect of giving up gluten.

    You'll find other people with Addison's or very low cortisol on the Thyroid UK site :

  • Thanks, it's worth a try l have just e mailed my homeopath to see what she thinks, l must admit the loss in of iron accounts for a lot of my issues l think, l also drink tea by the bucket load and no water! So perhaps a change will improve some of it really hope it's not Addison 😞

  • May I ask how the Endo decided you were over medicated ? We so often read on the Thyroid UK forum that they only look at the TSH when they should be looking at the FT3. Was the Endo going by symptoms ? Going by the TSH alone is not a good way to judge the performance of the thyroid ....

  • Hi

    Of course you can, l did get him to check my ts3 and he says it's fine but my thyroid is at 0.2 ! So hardly making any at all due he says to over medication.

  • I think you know from following other posts that * fine * - means you are in range. It is where you are in the range that is key 😊 Do obtain copies of your test results that you are entitled to have and post on Thyroid UK forum for advice. Low T3 can have an effect on adrenals ....

  • I will ask for them and post thanks for the advice 😊

  • The figure you posted above - 0.2 is quite possibly the TSH - which tells the thyroid to produce the T4 - a storage hormone. TSH is a Pituitary hormone. The T4 has to convert into the Active hormone T3. Only when that is over range are you being over medicated. Relying on the TSH to treat is not good practice.

    Under Data Protection we are entitled to our test results with ranges.

  • I have Addison's as well as Hypothyroid and PA . It is fairly common to get them all aka Schmidt Syndrome. I also have Coeliac. I agree with the others though and try to make sure your thyroid is good . Endos have at times been known to only look at the TSH and blood tests for that. Re the Addison's it can be managed but you need tests before starting any medications for it. The Synacthen Test will be the one you need but stay in touch with the Dr and this is an urgent test. You can deteriorate rapidly without don't let them delay.

  • Hi Jane

    I had read about how Schmidt Syndrome he wants to test in 6 weeks after l have had some iron, my homeopath says that the first time she saw me it showed up as a slight problem but nothing the next time?

  • As well as the Synacthen Test for Addison's there are antibody tests as like Hashimotos Thyroid and PA , Addison's is autoimmune. Also check for Coeliac as there are millions of people with that and they fail to get dxed. Coeliac is also autoimmune and has antibody tests...although the upper bowel biopsy is the only Gold Standard test. You can test negative on blood tests but still be dxed with a positive upper bowel biopsy. I know of a lot that had normal blood tests despite later being dxed as Coeliac. This could be affecting your Iron. And causing lots of problems now and in the future. Read up on Addison's crisis though and get straight to ER if you show any signs., and be prepared. Nurses do not know have to be in charge. An Addison's crisis is rapidly fatal without treatment. A queue at ER could kill you.

  • That's what l mean scary, l am trying to find out as much as l can thanks for the support.😊

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