Endoscopy anyone?

Had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago which was mostly normal and will be having an endoscopy on Monday. Had my 1st endoscopy 20 yrs ago after PA diagnosis with negative hpylori test. Hiatal hernia & gerd are the only things I remember from the test 20 yrs ago. Have been taking ppi for longer than 20 yrs. just curious if there is anything I should speak with the doctor about before or after the scope on Monday. Was told years ago that ibs was the reason for my stomach troubles, but now have worsening stomach issues. Any advice or experience is much appreciated. Have Neuropathy & take gabapentin. Currently si every day cyano & once a week hydroxo and take methyl folate, magnesium, potassium, vit c, vit d, b complex, a probiotic, fiber & a few other supplements. Also use peppermint oil & an ocaisional triptan for headaches/migraines I've gotten since I was a child. Fatigue is still the worst symptom I struggle with. Thanks for any advice! 🐯

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  • Hi big cat , my Husband and a colonoscopy and an endoscopy 3 weeks ago , he had pain relief via a canular also an anethetic spray on his throat . He said it was painless but swallowing the tube was slightly uncomfortable for a second, but it was fine . So I'd recommend the local anethetic they offer . A nurse reassured him throughout the procedure which too approx seven minutes , including taking samples from his duodeneum to check for celliac disease , he had a rest in recovery for an hour and they gave him a cup of tea and a buiscuit as he hadn't eaten or drank anything apart from the movie prep for 10 hours . He was fine , no after effects , then I drove him home . Good luck tomorrow Big Cat You'll be fine , 😀

  • Hi Annnon58 thanks for the reply. I mentioned I did have a endoscopy 20 yrs ago so I am familiar with what to expect during the procedure. What I was looking to find was advice on what should be looked for in those of us with pa. I tested negative for hpylori in the first one 20 yrs ago so they said I would not be likely to test positive now. I am also negative for celliac. Thanks so much for the encouragement I do appreciate it! Take care

  • Hi BigCatFreak,

    I had my first endoscopy yesterday, wished I`d had the sedation as well as throat spray !!

    I have a positive IFA and PCA blood test in October 2016, but 2 GP`s and the Gastro don`t believe I have PA, so looked for `` proof `` in Endoscopy. Was told samples taken and looking for signs of Gastric Atrophy, not sure how they test for low stomach acid or H.Pylori.


  • Thanks Barry1955 i will definitely be getting the sedation & the throat spray! The first one 20 years ago I only had throat spray & busted a blood vessel in my eye from struggling against the scope being shoved down my throat! I've put this 2nd one off for far too long because of how fun that was.

  • I think things have improved after 20 years and hopefully be much easier , let us know how you get on . My husband is still waiting for biopsy results after 3 weeks so hope that's a good sign . Hope all goes well and you have plenty of sedation tomorrow , take care

  • So my endoscopy came back with just the hernia & reflux which I already knew about. They have recommended a low fodmap diet for digestive issues & to consider a small surgery for the reflux. Guess it all boils down to at 48 I can't eat like I'm 20 anymore. Lol I just have a hard time believing high fructose fruit & beans cause the stomach trouble I have more often than I like...but at least it's good to know there's nothing serious going on.

  • That's good! just wondering if you had any advice for me. Doctor has referred me for an endoscopy, but they rang yesterday wanting a face to face with me before hand (the gastrologist). The usual low vitamin B and D, low iron and folate. Going because have regular stomach upset. Not sure what they will be looking for though. Thanks, glad yours came back the all clear!

  • Sorry greenbexy I don't have any great advice...just let them poke around in there & they will see if anything is abnormal. I did find out the low fodmap diet they recommended is for those with ibs so maybe it would help you too. Good luck with your test!

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