Hiatus hernia and b12

Hi, has anyone else developed chronic lpr (silent reflux) since increasing their B12 levels?

Since upping my b12 levels I thought all my stomach issues had disappeared because my stomach functioning (emptying) had returned to normal after 25 years but I did develope a progressively worsening sore throat/neck accompanied by post nasal drip with signs of sinusitis.

I believe this is due to my stomach acid level returning to normal (more acidic). I had a hiatus hernia repair about 20 years ago and another endoscopy is needed as I may have to have surgery to have my 'wrap' tightened.

In the meantime I would like some advice from anyone who has had similar issues. I have tried gaviscon liquid, elevating head during sleep and sleeping on left side but the only thing that takes away the sore throat is ranitidine which then reduces my stomach acid causing my stomach motility issues to return (bloating, chest pain, palpitations etc)


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  • Would it make sense to continue ranitidine but use digestive enzymes before meals to temporarily increase acid levels.


  • Have been reading your previous posts/threads and wonder if you have ever had your Thyroid correctly tested. Another condition that runs through families and shares many symptoms with B12 deficiency. Bi-Polar and other mental issues can be due to LOW T3 - so if you have had the TSH and the FT4 tested and declared *Normal Results* - then it would be worth knowing the FT3 - level. This is rarely tested in the NHS - ummm ! Some of your other symptoms can be linked to Low Thyroid - especially low stomach acid :-)

    I have been a member of the Thyroid UK forum here on HU for six years and often read of situations like yours.


    Happy to help ....

  • Thanks for the info I will check with my doctor what thyroid tests i had done when i was on my bipolar meds. I've had a sore throat for over 2 months and been given steroid spray, antibiotics then told I must go on omezrapole or ill get asthma due to reflux without any tests being carried out. The rest of my family have had recurring sore throats for the same time but theirs clear up. Fed up with doctors tbh.

  • If you are able to have Private Testing in the Home then it would be a good idea. It is a well used service on Thyroid UK NHS are reducing testing more and more. The tests are finger prick testing and results sent to you by e-mail. The tests you need for Thyroid are - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and the anti-bodies TPO and Tg to rule out Hashimotos - the most common thyroid condition globally. It is auto-immune.



    The second link above is about previous posts/discussions about bi-polar and thyroid on HealthUnlocked.

  • I find probiotics helpful for GERD/LPR. I take an 11 strain blend with bifido and lactobacillus. The caveat is oral probiotics may worsen reflux for some people, but it can also "get worse before it gets better" as the good bugs crowd out less desirables in the upper gut, so be patient before giving up on oral probiotics. Another thing you can try is retention enemas (a few ounces distilled water + probiotics) at night before bed, held overnight, because there's some evidence colon bacteria influences the peristalsis of upper gut digestion. If you can get your whole GI tract moving better, then the IAP (intra-abdominal pressure) decreases and the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) stops opening as often, and the throat/sinus pain stops.

  • In my case it seems slightly different as I have problems with abdominal pressure since my teens including after my hiatus hernia op. I have never had signs of lpr ie sore throat, sore neck, pnd and persistent cough until I started taking b12 which got rid of my bloating, in other words for once my upper abdomen was soft and recessed instead of hard and protruding (unless some ingredient in the tablet killed off bad bacteria in my gut which could be a possibility). My whole family have been getting recurring viral infections (uk) with similiar symptoms so the problem might lie with my immune system being low. I have cut back on b12 and now started taking folinic acid avoiding folic acid as I may have issues with my dhfr function. Only day 3 so early days yet. Thanks again for the replies.

  • I have just looked at my genetic report and I am ++ for all 3 listed for FUT2 which means I am a non secretor and will have low levels of bifidobacteria in the gut. This can lead to increased risk of coeliacs, crohns, h-pylori infection, high candida and b12 deficiency.

    I will mention to my doctor on Friday before taking probiotics as he may want to test first.

    Thanks again

  • Will have to look more into it as some conflicting info. Definite non secretor and low bifidobacteria linked to crohns but might not be linked to the rest.

  • Hi coisty,

    I've had sore throat (with a bit of blood sometimes) for a year now (while I was B12 deficient). I started to supplement a month ago and still have sore throat, I don't know yet if it is a virus or bacteria due to low immune system, or reflux. My GP looked and said he cannot see anything so it is not cancer for instance.

    How do you know yours comes from reflux? Can you feel a bad taste in your mouth?


  • Hi Mary, I am not sure it is reflux but ill get back to you if I find the answer.

  • Thank you, I'll do the same :)

    Good luck!

  • B12 levels should have no effect on stomach acidity.

    If you have PA then you will have low stomach acidity and low B12. But upping the B12 levels won't fix the low acidity.

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