Low folate but high B12


I've had my blood test results back today. My B12 is great at 672 ng/L (180 - 700ng/L)

but my folate is a bit low at 7.7 ug/L (4.6 - 18.7ug/L)

Any ideas on whether this combo is normal? should I just take a folate supplement?

I also have low MCH, low ferritin, and low Haematocrit.

TSH is also rising and is now 3.54...

Vit D is 51.7 nmol/L

It also looks like I might have a kidney issue too, and I've heard anemia is a regular symptom of this.

Any advice is appreciated!


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  • What is your diet like? Do you eat lots of leafy green veg or othe sources of folic acid

  • Yes, I eat a fair amount of leafy veg - spinach and spring greens :)

  • Your folate isn't deficient - and is probably okay for you - suggest that you get the kidney problem and the iron sorted out and then see what symptoms you are left with and follow up at that point

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