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Blood results advice please

Hi I am a 28 year old female and I am also hypothyroid/Hashi. I have come from the TUK forum. Please could someone interpret my results for vitamins and minerals. Current symptoms - heavy periods, feeling exhausted when waking up, puffy eyes, pale skin, undereye circles, constipation, breathlessness, muscle aches and pains, legs feeling stiff. Do I need to supplement in anything? I already supplement vitamin D 800iu. I have also just had a phone call from my GP practice about haematology faxing them a letter saying I have positive Intrinsic Factor Antibodies.Thank you.


Serum ferritin 18 (15 - 150 premenopausal women)

Serum folate 2.1 (2.5 - 19.5)

Serum vitamin B12 184 (180 - 900)

25 hydroxy vitamin D2 <6.0

25 hydroxy vitamin D3 29.4

Total OH vitamin D 29.4 (>75 adequate vitamin D)

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your folate is below range as well as the vitamin D - your B12 is low and if you have IFA and presumably symptoms of B12 deficiency - now rather than waiting any longer even if your blood work isn't showing any signs of macrocytosis (not present in 30% of those who are B12 deficient). evaluating the symptoms of B12 deficiency is likely to be confused by thyroid but the IFA says that even if you don't have B12 deficiency now you soon will have - and avoiding neurological symptoms/treating them early is important/vital.

Treatment for B12 should be by injections - loading shots and then maintenance shots.

B12 should be treated 24-48 hours before treatment for the low folate starts.

Your ferritin levels are a little on the low side which may be indicative of an iron absorption problem and an iron based anaemia. iron based anaemias cause small red blood cells - folate and B12 deficiency tends to make red blood cells large - so an iron problem could also act to mask any macrocytosis if your GP is looking to that to diagnose a B12 deficiency.


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