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Blood results advice please

I saw my GP three weeks ago complaining of extreme tiredness , pains in neck and shoulders etc .

I took with me a copy of the test results the Endo had done in September . ( strangely he doesn't pass them on to the doctor ) .

I showed her the results which had some marginal highs and lows , the only one really noticeable was MCHC which was 309 ( 320-360)

Knowing very little about my PA , I naively asked her if that was the reason I felt so unwell . She laughed and said oh your PA is managed fine .

I now have b12 jabs every two months ( special dispensation ) and have felt no benefit whatsoever from the last couple , in fact it crossed my mind it was a placebo lol .

My b12 always reads about 2000 when tested .

Sorry for the ramble , maybe it isn't my PA .


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Hi Pinkpeony

Maybe post up your other results if you feel comfortable doing so? Sometimes GPs tell you everything is normal but that may not be the whole story especially if some results are at the edge of the normal ranges.

Did your symptoms disappear/improve at all with your B12 injections? Were you tested for things like ferritin (or iron levels), Vit D and folate too? Being low in these can also may you feel pretty rubbish. As you have hypothyroidism and PA, you may have absorbtion problems with other things too so it can be worth getting these checked too if your GP hasn't done already. Are your thyroid problems being adequately treated?

A low MCHC may indicate something like iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia but without knowing any of your other blood tests results it is hard to tell.

Sorry 1001 questions! :-P

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Thanks taka )

Haemoglobin. 139. ( 115 - 165g/ L )

WBC. 13.0 ( 4-11 10*9/L )

Platelet count 354 150-400 10*9/L )

MCV. 87.0 80-100fl)

Haemocrit 0.450. (0.37-0.47 L/L )

MCH 26.9. (27-32pg )

MCHC. 309. (320-360g/ L )

Red cell distribution width 13.8. ( 11-14.8 %)

Red blood count. 5.17. ( 3.8 - 5.8 10*12/L )

Abs neutrophils count.10.2. (1.7 - 7.510*9/L

Abs lymphocytes 1.5. (1.5-4.510*9/L)

Abs monocytes 1.0. (0.2-0.8 10*9L)

Abs eosinophil. 0.2. (0 -0.4 10*L )

Abs basophil. 0.1. (0-0.1 10*9/L

Ferretin etc fine as of August 2016 .

Thyroid meds fine also.

Sorry about this , unable to cut and paste .



Are you saying that your thyroid is fine or is the the doctor. I have Hashimoto and PA, symptoms are very similar. What are your tsh, T4 t3.?


miglet54 , I don't have a recent thyroid result .

I am having blood tests beginning of March .

I am self medicating NDT which the Endo knows but not the GP .

Thanks for your reply .


Hi Pinkpeony low MCHC may be because you have insufficient iron in your diet.

Iron rich foods include.

Red meat, pork and poultry.



Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots.

Iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas.


I among the tests was there one for your Folate level as this needs to be "healthy" to process the B12 you are having injected for your P.A.


clivealive thanks.

The list of foods is pretty much covered by what I already eat .

I take a good b complex which contains folate .

Back to the drawing board I think and more blood tests .



Sorry @taka I "missed" your reply


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