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Results can some experienced members take a look please


I've been self injecting for 2 months, and started to feel low again. Will post on thyroid uk too...

Tsh 0.99. (0.3-5)

Ft4 12.7 (8.4-19.1)

Ft3 5.1 (3.8-6)

Ferritin 31 (15-300) 👎

Follate 20 (2.5-9999)

Vitamin D 44 (50-150) 👎

B12 1500 (150-900)

She's given me Pro D310,000 1 weekly

Will this explain weakness, low mood, heavy legs? My Vit D was 122 in October

Thanks guys x

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Hi Ndobins. Yes, low vitamin D can cause those symtpoms..and your ferritin could do with being higher too (low ferritin suggests iron deficency anaemia which can also cause weakness, heavy legs, tiredness, breathlessness etc...).

Your GP may assume the ferritin level is okay because it's within the reference range but ideally it needs to be 80 - 100 for optimum effect (mine was 14, now up to 47 - and still not high enough for me to feel entirely well).

Has you GP prescribed any iron supplements?

Thyroid forum best place to get thyroid advice 😄.



Yep Clutter over there has said all is fine with the thyroid. 👍

No she only prescribed the vitamin D,

Which iron supplement do u suggest with that level? I'm taking spatone currently , it was 63 in October so has dropped a lot , probably as I'm self injecting ...? Feel I'm getting ever so closer! Is spatone strong enough? I found ferrous sulphate gave me a head ache and soooo constipated 😬

Thank u ever so :)


No idea about Spatone but if you're taking it and your ferritin levels are still dropping, might be a good idea to see your GP anyway.

Also...ferritin can be low but other iron blood levels can be high - and high levels of iron in your blood can be quite dangerous. So...good idea to have iron prescribed by your GP and have a full iron panel so true iron status can be evaluated and monitored (both pre and post treatment).

I had the same trouble with ferrous sulphate so GP prescribed different iron supplement...which I tolerated much better...but for the life of me can't remember what it was (sorry, lost in the fog 😖).



Ferrous fumerate maybe? That is what I was prescribed and didn't find it too bad!


Yep...that's the one 😄👍

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Yes someone else said that..

Well my full blood count came back fine, soooo given that it's just the ferritin that needs bringing up would do you both think would be good? :)


Be good to see GP - see previous reply about iron levels in blood. Need to take care 😖😄👍

P.s ferritin is a protein that binds iron for absorption-iron levels in blood something very different 👍


Aww ok, Was your iron levels in blood low as well as ferritin being low? Dr wasn't bothered about ferritin level as it was in range :/ :)


Ah ha...and we all know how many doctors assume things are okay because they are in deficient / low B12...and a whole host of other things 😄.

I strongly suspect that if your GP had a ferritin level of 31...full iron panel and iron supplements would be the order of the day...PDQ 😄

Just'd be interesting to see the results of your FBC...GP's often say these are normal too, when they're not.

Bumping along at the bottom of a reference range (or indeed, the top) is often not good enough...though many GP's fail to recognise this.

If you have a copy of your FBC results (it's your right to have these) and want to post, together with the reference ranges, we'll help you interpret.

Here's somewhere that will give you more information about iron's very interesting:


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Thank u, does the full blood count not include any iron tests? Is It a separate thing? I've checked my FBC from October and nothing stands out. I will get a copy of it all I think anyway :)

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No...full iron panel a different thing and not covered by FBC (or ferritin) 👍

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